Im looking for someone to make a montage for me and my brother 

doesn't have to be amazing it is literally just in memory of h3-h5 before I move on to the new Xbox. I've had these clips for years I've just never got around to organising it!

so I need an editor and/or someone to capture clips! I have 62 already captured

it doesn't have to be flashy, and I'm willing to let you do what you want in terms of music and everything, make it your own! All I want is the clips as a memory of the 14 odd years I've played.

a bonus £15 if you have an Xbox 360 and can capture extra clips on halo 4 

willing to pay up to £80 depending on the level, but I would settle for something simple so don't be shy if you're a begginer and want a go at it during quarantine!!

please Pm me if interested!