YBLOC - Leftovers Montage 3

So, it's been a while (aside from the collaboration with 5DV), I haven't released any personal tages for about a year or so. This montage is my first upload of 2015 and it consists entirely of leftover clips. I hope that some of you can still enjoy it, despite the 'meh' gameplay.

That was a nice watch man, good map diversity.
I really like the song and thought the clips were pretty solid - especially for leftovers.
This was a great video man. I don't know how you could label some of those clips leftovers haha. Can't wait to see what your main clips are. 
Good stuff YBLOC, this was really nice easy watching. Like the mix of 360 and mcc clips too, looking forward to see what else you have in the works.
That last clip wass really dirty!!!!!