Halo 4 Vehicular Montage

This is 'Road Rage v2' - Streamlines Halo 4 Vehicular Montage. it features the best vehicle gameplay of halo 4 such as unseen stuff like mantis killionairs, whog turret naires and  passenger snipe multis.
People who like BTB and using Vehicles in Halo should definetely check this out. It's very well made. 

Meine Meinung dazu habt ihr ja schon auf Youtube dazu ;) .

I loved the clip around 9:00 where the gauss hog does a barrel roll, then explodes and he still gets the suicide naire :)

Editing was pretty simple but good, the only thing I would change is the color correction. The clips looked kinda bland and grey, whereas I would've played with the curves and really made H4's colors stand out. Good job tho :)