Scace :: Parasite :: [Multi-Halo Mini]

Download :!gpMwVRxQ!u-OjWnWygh7WBM0JogkphHaxB5SO0MODw1WJAIIVTU4

This will most likely be my last MCC tage for awhile since Halo 5 is right around the corner. These are just some leftover/non mains, but I really like how everything fit into the video. I hope this video isn't too spooky/triggering for you all.

Also, for you medal nerds out there, the clip at the end was a double exterm.

Song: Deathshead by Michael John Gordon

Too spooky for me, until I saw the H4 flood. 

That CE back to back exterm was siiiick.



Few nice clips in there, liked the editing, good job.
Some of the best footage I've seen from you. That editing was scarier than my editing. Well done.

I could of had the Tac x5 but ROCKO stole a kill lol

The Gravemind/Cortana scenes will be in the re-mastered directors cut in 10 years.

Few nice clips in there, liked the editing, good job.

Thanks! Good thing I only had a few clips in there ;)

good shit man, I love how creative people get with editing

and some strong footage dude, loved the double exterm, that last shot was so nice to finish it off

too spoopy for me

but seriously, good shit

Liked the themed edit. Good stuff man!

Liked the themed edit. Good stuff man!

Thanks dude!

I like how this video had a theme, and you actually stuck with it.
Great stuff, Scace! Mixing it up nicely with the audio track once again. Really enjoyed that Breakneck clip! And that Hang Em High play... 
Thank you my lamb friend. 
Last clip was sweet, Ill have to get you to edit a vid when h5 comes out
I think I could do that for ya. 
That's the Scace I know, nice job man.

That's the Scace I know, nice job man.

haha thanks brotha, glad you enjoyed!

What? No infection clips? What are you doing with your life!? 0/10.

No, but your editing is getting better, this came out nice. I like myself a little weird every now and again. Clips were pretty solid as well.

Relly great work editing, I loved that noscope on narrows.
besides the last two, the clips were meh and i wasn't really feeling the flow until about the second minute. the way you built up everything up the second half was straight raw, though. especially the ending. 
Yeah, namely the H2A clips I  wished I would have replaced, but the way they fit worked too well imo, oh well :/ thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed some of it haha
That was pretty weird but I liked it! Definitely gave me a Hyena vibe.

what the fuck