My Video Archive

My very first H2 video. This was made about 3 months after playing my first game of Halo. Part 1
First Montage Edited by Odin
Third Montage Edited by Rabbid Waffles
First Leftover/Mini Tage
Second Leftover/Mini Tage
"Show Me Your Genitals" Third Leftover/Mini Tage Edited by Rabbid Waffles
Dual Tage w/ Eye For An Eyee
Fourth Leftover/Mini Tage
Fifth Leftover/Mini Tage. Made in one weekend.
Sixth Leftover/Mini Tage
Seventh Leftover/Mini Tage. Experimenting w/ Editing.
"The FFA Tage" Eighth Leftover/Mini Tage
"One Night Mini" Ninth Leftover/Mini Tage. Made in one night w/ 2 FFA unlims
"The Mix Tage" Odd style of dualtage with Ignint N, using something like 17 songs. Part 1
"The Chill Tage" 10th Leftover/Mini Tage
11th Leftover/Mini Tage
"Final Clearance" 12th Leftover/Mini Tage
"The Last Summer of H2" 13th Leftover/Mini Tage
14th Leftover/Mini Tage
"The Lazy Tage" 15th Leftover/Mini Tage
Dual Tage w/ Kyle is Simple
"New Years Montage" 16th Leftover/Mini Tage
"Already Over" Final H2 Montage. Features my best gameplay from XBL
"Still BlaziN" XBC Montage 1. Made after only a few weeks of playing for the first time in 4 years
"Nostalgia" XBC Montage 2
"Endeavor" XBC Montage 3
"Triumphant" XBC Montage 4. My personal favorite from the XBC chapter
Final XBC Montage. I didn't save footage during XBC like I did for XBL, and so this video isn't any better than the rest
"When I'm Gone" H2C Montage 2

These are all the videos that I still have of mine. They are listed in chronological order so the earlier videos are from way back in 06 when I first started playing Halo. I don't expect anyone to watch all of these but when I made this thread a couple years ago I found that it was very useful to have all of my videos in one place, so I wanted to recreate it and update the list with everything I've made since coming back to H2 a little over a year ago. <3

Hope you guys enjoy!

Maybe doing the embedded video in spoiler tags with a description above it?
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Good fuckin idea! Looks much better now.

Haha Steve why the new account?

I'm trying to become a VIP member like you.  Maybe a new account will clear my shitty reputation? btw Have you seen my newest video? I get like 3 triples in it.
Yeah but what have you put out lately!?
Nice all organized and bits 
Put out a new vid
Haha soon, soon!
I completely forgot about your third montage! That's one of my favorite videos I ever edited.