Human - A Halo: Reach Montage

DISCLAIMER: don't have epilepsy.

Been a while since I posted here, oh well hopefully Halo 5 changes that :)I got in touch with Dorito121 this summer, when he wanted me to make him a montage. Unfortunately I was busy with other stuff at the moment, but I was able to start late September. Now, not even a month later, I have been able to push out an entire montage, the best one I've made if I may add. Even though it is really different from what a lot of people are used to, I hope you can try to keep an open mind and try to appreciate the MANY hours spent on making this video.

Thanks for reading!

That was awesome...probably one of the better edits posted on here in a while.

The intro and credits were awesome. The gameplay portion of the video was edited very nicely as well, loved the use of twixtor and speed ups.

Also some of those plays were unreal, and I thought the length of the video was great for it being a snipers video.

Great work to everyone involved! Hopefully you stick around for halo 5

That editing was awesome! I normally don't enjoy Reach videos that aren't MLG, but that was a really enjoyable watch mainly because of the edit. There were some good clips in there though, especially that last one. Good job!

I liked the clip you got on team snipers.
Don't know who you were aiming for for the uncaged tac shot at around 50 seconds. Solid vid, man!
This was sweet! Usually snipes vids bore me to death but this one didn't because the edit was so smooth. Crazy clips, especially the countdown jump down 2for1 trocity.
Cheers for the nice comments!

if i see another montage with dubstep and glaring visuals and slow-mo dying spartans im gonna shoot myself in the face, im sure its a good video or what ever but i cant sit through more than 30 seconds of the same videos over and over

literally every montage in the last 5 years or so

Dubstep, emphasis on the sniper sound, slow-mo dying spartans, some bullshit visual that looks like the sun is shining on you hahahaha i cant do it anymore