Staybilize Laser SEC ⓅⓄⓁⓘⒸⒺ by Dakyner's up guys!

Dakyner and Staybilize are back

This is a single edited clip edited by Dakyner and is showcasing a short Halo Reach clip of me rushing the enemy base and wiping out their team with my laser. The edit on this is insane. The whole edit is based on a police theme, including police sounds and special effects mixed with extremely fast paced editing on a heavy drum and bass track. The color correction rounds off the whole edit perfectly. If you wanna see all the hard work put into this edit you have to watch it frame by frame!

also there will be a full halo reach laser montage in the near future and i couldn't be more happy to have Dakyner editing it.



I loved this! Edit matched the song and I thought it stuck pretty well with the theme. The only complaint is I couldn't really tell what the original clip looked like, but I guess that's the point of a OCE. Nice shit, both of you!

Looking forward to the Reach  montage :)

yeah thats the point :) reach montage wont be that overedited of course

That was really good!

I wish SEC would come back...I've got a few of my own, but they were dead before I finished them.

thanks dude:) yeah SEC's are awesome but not really popular in the halo community