"LIT" - Lost in Time's H2 teamtage: Fuster's alternate version!

As some of you may or may not know this has been a long time coming.  We had issues with our original editor so the release of this montage was set back by a lot as a result.  

Because of this, Sk0ls had Blackhawk and I both work on separate versions of this video using the same clips, just in case one of us couldn't finish the video before Halo 5's launch.  However, we both barely managed to finish our videos on time, and his was chosen to be the official montage after a very close group vote.  I decided to upload my version to my own personal channel instead of having it uploaded to the Lost in Time channel on a later date because this video has the same clips as the other version, and plus I felt Blackhawk's version was better anyways from a technical aspect (that intro is sick as fuck).  Also, I spent a month working on this video and I definitely wanted something to show for my efforts, as well as a chance for my viewers to see the clips edited in an entirely different style.

I give full props to Blackhawk because his render is totally sick and deserved the win, though!  Go check out the original if you haven't already!

Really strong video mike. I loved the fan art incorporation the most but overall this was just a really clean smooth edit with some awesome effects.

Really strong video mike. I loved the fan art incorporation the most but overall this was just a really clean smooth edit with some awesome effects.

Thanks man, I just wished I had more time to try out more effects but what can ya do eh?

Already posted my thoughts on YouTube.  2nd half of the video is so dope.
Thanks man, thanks for watching!
It was nice to hear something other than the cliche rock that people some how still think is suitable for a 2015 montage.
I thought the mere fact that people in the halo community wont touch a Drake song for a montage was reason enough to pick it just for the uniqueness factor.  I edit to music I actually enjoy, what more can I say?
Why is this not on FBWalshyReturns?
Dude, that was fucking awesome. Using original H1 sounds was interesting. I guess you used them in order to have better sync, less distracting ambience noise?

Nah I used the OG sounds because as far as I'm concerned, they're the real motherfucking halo 1 sounds I grew up with, not the booboo ass sounds 343 put in.  Sound files sync the same regardless of the game, I don't see one game's sounds as being easier to sync than the other.

no pun intended but this shit was fuckin lit. the way you built up to that jaro on ivory tower during 0-100 was so fresh. really enjoyed this one. kinda disappointed this was chosen tbh haha. sorry for the late response, but i just got around to checkin' this out. you're becoming one of my more preferred editors on this site. keep it up fus
Wow, the edit on this was great. Intro was so fkin hype and I wasn't dissappointed. Honestly I wish this version had been chosen over Blackhawk's. You both did a great job, granted, but I couldn't get past the fact that the official version was just another H2 hardcore (mostly) tage with generic rock music. The clips were insane, and I think you both edited to enhance the clips and play to their strengths, but this version was much more memorable. Loved the "layup" and "double melee" text, along with some of those nice quadshots on sync. Dope job man, I'll be sure to take some pointers from this vid
I fucks with drake. Not really a fan of halo clips on it. But i really liked the idea behind the song and the video. It made me like it after two or three watches.
Nicely done.  So, I definitely get "why" you guys would go and make separate tages because of the situation...but man, I have to ask - Why?   Why double the work?  Why divy up the greatness?  You both clearly have great perspectives on how this stuff should play, and I loved both tages...but man.

If we could have made these two into one 7-minute tage with you in charge of music and flow...and him in charge of intro and massive effects...you two could have made this in less than half the time by splitting the rest of the work up.  You clearly get how to hit pop with the beat, and he clearly gets how to make you go "wow"...there's no reason "why" you guys shouldn't have worked together to make this great.   I feel the circumstances should have created a need to unite - not divide.

Props to both of you for your skills...no hate directed either way.  I just can't believe this got "left behind" when you could have blended the two into something greater.  Opportunity missed, but you both did great work.  I like your flow a lot, for sure.