A Halo 3 Tritage - Drako, TBSA Legends, and Nayrion

Just a short tage between me and my friends, enjoy.

that was pretty cool.
i'd just say watch the speed changes so the shots show a little better and maybe bring the glow or diffusion down a bit, but that's' just my opinion.

good job man

That pit overkill was edited weird at like 2:25, not sure if you did that on purpose, because it wasn't synced or anything.

3:13, random black screen?

Random slow mo and fast forward through out, majority of it didn't sync so it looked off.

Just a few things I didn't care for. I didn't really mind the glow effect that much. Didn't look very clean though, but wasn't super annoying. Gameplay had some nice plays though.

Yeah I understand, I see what you mean, thanks.
Every clip was edited weird, not just that overkill. You know how to do 3D, now learn how to edit.
I wouldn't be talking.
I am though. You've got nothing.
Sound like the average hater lol.
that was edited pretty weirdly tbh. not saying the edit itself, but the actual pace of each clip lol. the way each clip was like a mix of 30fps and 60fps really fucked me up lmao
All 360 clips
but it's rendered in 720p60fps,... lol
To make those smooth slow mos even smoother for you bby
oh yeah? lol



Just because it says 72060fps does not mean its from mcc, just rendered out 60fps from 360 ..
yeah i know it's not from mcc, what's the point of rendering out a video in 60fps if the game you're playing isn't in 60fps? 

This had some nasty clips in it. Both Guardian exterms were flashy and in general the gameplay was good. 60fps had me a little fucked up tho. The edit had its good points, namely some of the transitions and map angles. In general I found the slowmo/fast forward a little distracting, maybe do less of that this time.

You obviously don't know about editing, so just move along.
Thank you for the first positive and honest comment on this tage, earned my respect mate, kudos <3
Was put together way too poorly, had to turn that shit off

Drako haven't see your name in a long time. How are you man? Also good video, personally I dont like Halo 3. So that will make me not like the video, but i appreciate the editing, gameplay and the time you put in it (MUSIC \m/). Glad to see another OG comeback and post a video. You da man. I hope to see more from you, don't let these kids push you away from our dead community, keep the content coming!



Is this iDrako?



If not that's a huge bummer.

not iDrako lol

Yeah, all that; not for you buddy. Video is still shit.

some real dirty clips in there, last one was straight bonkers.

idk what people are talking about, video syncs up fine if you mute it and play Heart of the City.

You obviously don't know about editing, so just move along.

Hustla is right though. If the game is made to be played at 720p 30fps then it's redundant to render it out at 60fps because it's not going to make it look any better. You can't magically put in extra frames when the footage only gives you so many.

The distortion and weird pacing of the edit was a little too much for me.

Some nice gameplay though

Drako, you've used that 241 tac on construct in 3 montages already, i think u can stop using it now.

And hell, maybe u should try watching marksman's videos if u wanna know how to put together an enjoyable video without a bunch of unnecessary bullshit

Edit: to be fair tho, its not like the vid is too far gone from being decent. minus the terrible song and ridiculous speed changes, its evident that u have some good knowledge of the editing program itself. u just dont have an aesthetic eye for what looks good. 

This is the guy who stole Hyenas intro for Mastery right?
Ill make a video just for that soon (;
Shutup Sucky, you be the same hater disliking my videos, foh.

"You be the same hater.."

Did it ever strike you that we might not be hating? I mean why would we, if we don't even know you? We have nothing against you (except apparently you stole Hyena's intro lmao), so we're not just going to piss on people for the fuck of it. We're critical towards people's videos, and we tell you exactly how it is. You're not going to get anywhere if you just blow off everyone who tries to steer you in the right direction as haters, and you're definitely not going to progress as an editor.

I saw some stellar gameplay, but your editing is straight up weird. I'm not going to tell you to not experiment or try new things, but there are certain borders that everyone follows no matter what. I feel like flow is a universal thing for montages, it will never not be right to follow. Going against it though, might cause some issues with your viewers and how they interpret it. 

You don't have haters yet. You're not popular enough to have haters.

Marksman, go make montages or somethin, botherin' someone whose barely new to the community, remedial cunt LMAO
You seem like a boob, but I'll check it out.