WIZARD : Halo 2 Trailer by Halzred

I can't comprehend this.
Enjoy everyone, can't wait for you all to see the shit Hyena is pulling.
fuck me right up
This guy is Amazing, Cant wait. Very Excited!

Everything was dope about that trailer, especially the gameplay. Hot dam.

The masking looked a bit off, and I felt like some bits were a tad too slow for the music and pacing.

Really looking forward to this though!

If you can't comprehend, just pretend.
I expect to see a kill on Pistola somewhere in the final release.
Here we go another Hyena tage that will somehow top the previous one haha
Good shit all around boys, very excited to see the finished product!
Plasma pistol clips got me feeling all weird.

Thanks guys.  Excited to get this one out for sure! 

Wow one day and only a couple of replies on a Hyena video. RIP THF. 

Looks dope, can't wait!
Looks like it's going to be amazing, no surprise there. Can't wait!
Final should be sick you always have great tages

I fucking love your replies

Thanks for the feedback, glad you guys enjoyed
Thanks for the feedback, glad you guys enjoyed
You should front page this.

I can't even remember the last time I masturbated to a Halo montage. My pants were already off after seeing the two greatest names in Halo history together. But when I saw that fade at 1:01, I emptied out that ENTIRE bottle of lube.

Gotta wipe.

Perfect name for this combination. Watch Hyena break Halo 2 just like H3 with "Mastery" and fuck us all up in the head

The dream team is here...

Great trailer. Too pumped.

Trailer was sick.

Inspired me turn on my xbox and try to play mcc for the first time in forever... couldn't find a game all day. Is the mcc population dead or just some failure on my end?

Prolly a combination of both.  Resetting your build several times is still a thing.  And certain playlists have zero population (Hardcore, H2 Anniversary, Rumble Pit, etc)
Team Slayer games are easy to find most days. But the population has plummeted, like my sperm count after watching this trailer.
Thanks again guys, appreciate it. This is going to be a great montage to edit. Can't wait to get it out to you all, Hyena is a mad man at halo.
that was fucking sick, can't wait for the tage. that sticky snipe clip at the end got me panties all drained. Def gonna watch this right before the release so it doesn't hurt as much when this tage will fuck me
Amazing intro but I feel like Hyena should have edited the rest after that. Still a great watch 8/10