M&M : Murtaw and Movement Dualtage (CE/H2)

I'm posting this video on behalf of Murtaw and Movement. I really enjoyed it and I'm sure you guys will too!


I really liked that track.  Some of the clips were definitely not on par with others.  Overall, nice little video.  
Cam Ward is horrible as a goalie, like Hurricane as a Halo player.

LiT Movement loves H2C Triples

One of my favorite videos we've made so far. Murtaw 0-Editor in literally 2 videos.
u mad
good shit boys, enjoyed this :)

LiT Movement loves H2C Triples

You forgot to log into your Skullz account.

Cam Ward is horrible as a goalie, like Hurricane as a Halo player.

that's a lot of talk for a guy who I've never seen place above 6th in a Middy FFA

This is pretty cool, I liked the editing
I can touch 100 kills too if I hosted also, wise guy.

Narcotic is just mad I wouldn't let him into MY Halo tribe. Sorry kid, learn how to doubleshot. What else am I suppose to beat off to? Girls? LOL GAY! I'm only jackin' it to my niggaz (glad there aren't any blacks on this forum)

Btw hope you dudes enjoy this highlight video Murtaw & Movement put out (or M&M that I forced them to call themselves) These guys are much better at clipping than I'll ever be. I don't know how they hit anything above triples, BECAUSE I SURE CAN'T! So I made them take out any clips that would shame LiT (me) and we are left with some pretty average clips :/ cool edit though. Murtaw 0-Editor in literally 2 videos, amirite nigz? (god I hope there aren't anymore blacks on this abandoned site)

I used to be black guy.

Great job, dudes. I was actually going to use this song back in '07 when I first started editing ROOTS. Glad to see someone use it as I always felt it could work well. There were some super snazzy transitions to begin the video, too.  There were a few standout type clips in here which was excellent but overall nice footage.

Looking forward to more in the future!

Oldschool style montage, made me feel nostalgic. Haven't heard that Earshot song in a long time. Great job guys!
dig it.