Alen & Klickz Highlights

I liked that play at the end. Solid highlights as always.
Sweet vid, slide jump at the end was awesome.

good shit alen


and also holy fuck does stevis still play

awesome vid guys
This was great! Nice to see customs and MM equally balanced. Fav clip was the BXR kill frenzy on Turf. Awesome sticks and button combos as well. Well deserving of the FP spot.
Klickz's FFA trocity at 1:38 was really strong.  That last play was so fucking good, that's fucking creativity right there.  I don't have too much to say about this video, all the clips were tight, music was on point.  Props to you two.  
You forgot to mention how I got raped from 0:30-0:40
warlock plat jump was very awesome, solid shit all around.

Klickz man you look like you've made a shitload of improvement, good stuff

We'll have to play some more 1v1s ;)

Awesome, very enjoyable.

yep, that was great. really solid/clean gameplay. edit was solid, did what it had to. song was funky and the vid flowed well. 

great work, fellas