Question- Is This A Triple Launch Stick?


i  honestly, I think i got a triple launch in this montage. The clip is at 2:33.  Key word, "think", I'm not 100 positive, since we cant se different angles in H2.  And here's my reasoning, and please correct me if im wrong. im still a newer halo 2 player and am learning.  From my understanding, whoever's  stick is the one that launches the second stick that connects, is the one that  are credited with the Stick medal.  So if you throw a stick off the wall, and I throw a stick and it launches off your sticks explosion and sticks someone , you should get the stick medal from my understanding.  I maybe be wrong but I only started laying halo2 in MCC so maybe a old H2 player can either confirm or deny this.         

With that being  said. Here's my two arguments/belief  why I think it's a triple launch so try to follow me.  Watching the clip (@2:33.  Multiple times ) while reading this may help ya follow my explanation .  

Point 1-   So I do the Initial launch hoping to stick the guy at top pink  . Well you can also see   that the same Red guy  on top pink that I tried to stick, has two of my teammates pursuing him from the left. One  of my teammates throws a sticky at top pink, misses  and that's the explosion  that causes my stick to launch for the second time.  Well right after my sticky launches For the second time,  you can see the red guy at top pink throw a sticky at my teammates pursuing him and You can  tell he misses because at 2:38 it shows both my teammates VERY clearly, and neither of them have a sticky on them,  But at 2:39 the sticky he   throws and misses, explodes  at the perfect time that would send my  falling stick launching for a third time, sticking my teammate, which you can clearly see that he has a sticky stuck to him at this point. And  I swear you can see it launch slightly after the red guys missed sticky explodes , sticking my teammate.  I've watched it in all in slow-mo and now and I'm convinced  it launches 3 times.  


 Now point 2-  This has to deal with the text that appears  when you  are killed, snipe, betrayed, stuck ect.  Say  my sticky stuck one of my teammates after the second launch, I would have  had gotten a betrayal show up, or it wouldve said a CHEEKY1Monkey killed AClownWith Toast . But It don't!  The  only death that pops up says a"AClownWith Toast"(my teammate) stuck by CHEEKY1Monkey(my enemy). And they get the point for the kill and the stickmedal as well. that is my case for why i think its a tripple launch. Maybe a first for halo 2?)    

 Anyways this has been driving me nuts for months so if there's any old Halo two players that are very experienced that  would either verify the sticky launch thing i described at the begging ,and who gets the kill with that,  or maybe some of you can slow this down and take a look at it for me and tell me what you think! I would be happy thanks.


You make a valid point. Is there no way to test the whole text thing? I'll try looking at it frame by frame on vegas :)
Do you happen to have the raw clip? I'd like to hear the sound of the sticky that supposudly launch the main stick for the third time.

After it launched from P2, the enemy's grenade behind your teammate launched your grenade again to stick them.
The enemy is credited for the kill because their grenade launched yours.

I do believe that is a triple launch :)
Also, he seems to get stuck on the bottom of his buttocks, which let's me believe it was in fact another launch that propelled the sticky upwards. Im uploading a vid showing it frame by frame zoomed in 

Upped the vid, but it seems Allen has already cracked this one laugh

No unfortunately I'm in Mexico for three months so I have no access to any of my clips. But I do have the clip uploaded to my YouTube channel with nothing but the games original sound effects

Oh hell yeah, thanks dood!

Thanks for proof.  That may be one of my greatest sticks 


Now is anyone aware of another tripple launch ever done in halo 2, or is this a first? 
ive not seen one i dont think!
You lucky son of a bitch haha
Ok I was convinced, but after seeing the raw clip.... it seems if the guy gets stick before the third stick explodes,,,,
I thought  the same thing until I thought  about how someone on my team would've got  a betrayal. But  as Allen said the  the  enemies  explosion caused the third launch and him to be awarded the stick.  
Sounds like you're still not a 100% convinced ;)
Hahahaha im not :D