AYS is Looking for editor

hey guys. So I had titanium lined up to edit my first MCC H2M but he hasn't got back to me in a few weeks, so I'm searching for someone else to edit it . Almost every clip besides like 5 are launches, so the gameplay is up to par.   I have no song preference. Almost all the clips are capped, except 10-12 on my upload which need capped and im giving you pretty much. Freedom to edit it,(if like the old school h2 feel) although I do have a few specific details on a couple clips, and an idea for an opening, which im not sure I wanna do yet or not. Anyway, I'd like someone with experience and if you have a vid to showcase to  me please link it. Thanks a lot THF AYS

Ill edit it.
do you got any previous work I can look at?



Virtually no editing done to this. But I could put something together for ya. Just to see if you like, then if not, well whatever. lol Cancel