Garbage Clips Ep. 5 ( A Halo 3/5 Montage)

Check out the 5th episode of my series "Garbage Clips". This episode features some trash clips from both Halo 3 & Halo 5. Hope you enjoy! And make sure to check out the other episodes out on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching :)

no love? :(
Well I mean its titled "Garbage Clips" lol. It's not very appealing. The Narrow lift trip was dope tho
Watched this earlier but didn't leave any comment. Fav clip was by far the H3 narrows noscope triple. Your H5 stuff was really solid too though! Nice to see Riptide.
sorry man, but they just aren't good clips tbh lol. but thanks for checking it out at least
thanks brotha, just trying to build up more of an audience here :)