Multi-Halo Daytage

Clips were all from Saturday at around 9 P.M to around 8 P.M on Sunday.  Chose a different type of song this time and I like how it turned out, enjoy :D

Jesus dude, insane that this was all in ome day D:. Will we see you drop anything for the Movie Comp?
It takes me from 9 p.m.  to 8 p.m. just to find one match.
Homie I just watched you get fucking domed by Venomz for the overkill on SHC. What's that all aboot?

Ahh to be young again......

Where's all your FFA gameplay at?

I didn't play any h2 customs last weekend, and I don't have too many middy clips really I'm not the greatest at it, I do have a few trocities I believe.