Bringing back the Ultimate Halo Fragvid Collection?

I'm downloading it on my seedbox I have room again.

Thank you so much for providing this archive for so long!

I will be downloading it and mirroring it to a link on soon. I have a plan to try and make a site for these vids so they are watchable and provide download links to raw files soon. Kind of like a go-to montage site for Halo montages, gameplays, clips, etc. with no youtube copyright issues. But I will be saving it, thanks for the heads up!

Wow lots of peers right now! I just hopped on to check in on it and saw 23 peers. Very cool. 
I've seeded almost 5 TBs already, lol 
Anyone know where all these people are that are downloading the torrent? I've seeded 1TB over the last month from my house. Nobody is posting on here so it's a bit strange.

twitter kinda took off with it

It's pretty fun to stream the collection on Plex.
I'm not sure what prompted the resurgence of it. But the topic was also posted to /r/Datahoarder so a bunch of people archived it there as well. Since to them ~300GB is nothing.

Edit: Oh ok, I see now what happened.


this appears to be a direct lin kto the torrent. I got it off /r/datahoarders.

Here is a link to that thread:

I'm posting so I can download in a few days.