i mean, some clips were aite, a lot of clips could've been taken out, but it's nice to see more h2 content. also it wasn't really necessary to slow-mo almost 95% of your snipes lol
yeah a lot of the clips were filler, along with a majority of the slow-motioning  haha. had to make it fit with songs i used and after a few of them that was kinda what i was going for cause the slow mo fits the theme of the music imo, but yeah i agree with the  halo 2 content situation.  which is pretty much the only reason i upped it to youtube and posted it here. i really only made it to show my cousin a majority of the clips i hit off him lol thats why i didnt really edit it, that and the fact that theyre pretty much everyday 1v1 quick scopes for the most part, and regular everyday sticks, nothing too special lol
Yah, I think the slow motion made the clips seem less impressive in all honesty.

yeah i agree with that actually, kinda defeats the purpose of the "quick" in quickscoping lol

1.5x speed almost does it justice lmao

EDIT: Im taking out clips and adding new clips and editing it again with different music and flow and no slow-mo. synced and maybe some effects. ill probably post it again once its complete