Piano Frenzy - "Phase II" - H1M2

Been having this in progress forever now, and after pushing my motivation long enough; I hit a wall.

Had so many ideas for this video, and how it should've played out. Ending-wise, I had a whole different plan in mind, with angles and what not. Gameplay-wise, I didn't accomplish everything I had in mind, and the stuff I did accomplish; didn't result in the way I wanted.

Anyway, here is my final Halo video; My 2nd Halo 1 Montage: Enjoy!

I want to thank everyone. My channel is now filled with memories, moments and videos that I will look back and smile at.

Playing the Halo franchise since 2003 has left me very burnt-out and eager to go new ways!
Thank you, Halo community!

Already commented on youtube but this is such a sterling video, the soundtrack, editing and of course clips most definitely cement you as one of the greats, depressing as it is that you are done it's been a blast!
You're the best! *flattered*
legend status
This had a certain air of epicness and finalty that put it on par with Mastery, at least to me. Awesome clips. My favorites were the very first one, the triple plasma launch out of damnation, and the chill out spawn prediction triple kill. Nicely done Piano, sad to see you go.
Thomas great shit man. I think it mostly had to do with the soundtrack but this just felt like a fragvid to me. I love that feel. i thought the intro/outro was really fucking cool and some of those clips were flat out insane. my personal favorite was the nade jump triple on pris - absolutely love stuff like that. Sad to see you go. RIP.
You're truly a legend, sad to see you go. Thoroughly enjoyed the video, especially when you had that spawn/snipe trap on those poor kids for an eternity. Side note, I'm just listening to In Absentia for the first time over the last few days. 
This came out of nowhere, and it's fucking awesome. Good edit and some really funny and impressive clips! Sad to see it's your last one.
Thanks and spanks, guys! :)
Really do appreciate all the kind words! :o

This came out of nowhere (for me anyway)! Great job, PF! I certainly get a final feel. Just like others have said, the edit was very nice and the gameplay was definitely above average with a few fuckin' lovely clips! It doesn't matter now that it's released and this is your final but I would've much rather seen another 2-3 clips instead of the Damnation spree that was included. That's my only complaint though! You really did a great job here. I wish we got some CE in but I wasn't aware that you were such a fan of the game. Good luck to you in the future, man.

Great job, man. Thanks for the excellent video - definitely a nice way to go out.

Jumping spawn kill triple on chill out was probably my favorite clip.
I'll miss you dearly Thomas, great last video
Huge thanks!
Definitely means a lot coming from you :) I was so frustrated trying to get something showcase-worthy from top of Dammy, but never got it. This frustration blinded me, since it was supposed to be the closer, and complete the video. So in that blindness, I think I dug up all the kills I got from there to weigh up for that-supposedly-good clip.

Think I have to make a leftover video, since I still have some clips that went untouched.
Thanks you!
*edit* Thank* you!
Right back atcha, Michael!
I remember being subbed to "OurFall3nHero" waaaay back in time, and watching your montages. 
Funny how we all ended up so close :)

Great vids, great times! M9 m8?

Huge thanks!
Definitely means a lot coming from you :) I was so frustrated trying to get something showcase-worthy from top of Dammy, but never got it. This frustration blinded me, since it was supposed to be the closer, and complete the video. So in that blindness, I think I dug up all the kills I got from there to weigh up for that-supposedly-good clip.

Think I have to make a leftover video, since I still have some clips that went untouched.
Thanks you!
*edit* Thank* you!

I forgot to mention my favorites! Loved the nade jump quickscope trip on Priz and prediction snipe for trip on Chill Out. Definitely caught me by surprise with those two especially. I understand and share your frustrations 100% bro. Just wanted to give a bit of extra kudos for going out of the way and trying to cap some angles for the vid. We still don't see it enough in CE vids but I love it when they're used well so again, great job, bud.

Definitely looking forward to your leftovers!

Edit: Forgot to say, if you'd have hit a prediction snipe while falling from the pipes at the top of Dammy like you tried, man... HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

Sometimes you just gotta go with intuition... 
Wanted some cool spawn-stuff from there, but it's so difficult for all stars to align in preparation of the nade stack.
1: Get rockets, sniper, 4 plasma nades, 1 frag nade
​2: Don't get spotted down there whilst setting it up
3: Hope that nobody uses HCE timer for power-ups/weapons
4: Lag is on your side when timing the nades + rocket shot + jump
5: Actually land on those narrow pipes
6: Get something cool

Oh well. Think I'll put the leftover vid together as we speak.

Edit; To add to the stuff I had on my bucket-list, I wanted a telebump clip, but was unsure whether it worked on console or not. And I didn't find any partners dedicated enough to learn it. Would've been cool to do in Matchmaking.
Didn't really have the patience/motivation towards the end to set up angles from top of Dammy, where I'd slip off the pipe and follow the corpse all the way down (would put the concept in context better, but oh well).

Idea behind it:
-After "he" slipped off and fell to his death, he got caught in an endless loop in the "afterlife" (phase 2).
-"Started the same way it ended/ended the same way it started"
-Also reflects my Halo life: starting with Halo 1 back in 2003, ending it with Halo 1 in 2016.

Some of those clips were absolutely insane.

Loved the editing, loved the intro and outro, loved the soundtrack. Good luck to you in future endeavors.

Quick question--how did you get those custom free cam angles like that? I need a few for my own montage, and Windows 10 is ironically too compatible to be "compatible" with Halo PC.
Already commented on YT but  instantly one of my favourite CE montages of all time :)
Can a brother get a download?

First off I do want to say that is prolly one of my top 3 or top 5 MCC H1 videos to come out.  Definitely one of the stronger entries we've had so far.

I wish you would have used the actual contest intro video instead of the old THF one.

Is there not a Master Chief death animation in CE where your Spartan is looking up?  I know I'm being nitpicky here, but it just seems weird that the character is looking upwards when we only see his body face down.  With that being said, this introduction is one of the best I've seen in recent years.  It feels creepy, it generates a certain vibe, and helps build a theme; all will still being creative.  

That first clip on Creek was pretty cheeky.  How did you get that 2 for 1 on Chillout?  I like the kills on Jeenyus a lot, he's a really strong CE player.  That spawn killing spree you get on Damnation was pretty cute as well.  I'm surprised that you can play CE almost as well as you can play H3, most people don't play both of those games since they're so different.  I think the song selection really compliments the gameplay well.  

The outro/closing fit nicely of course, I like how it ties everything together.  Great entry Piano, although I seriously doubt that this is your "final" Halo video.  

Wish I'd known of that contest intro :/

Well, he was facing down, but I tried to simmulate the spartan turning his body as he was looking up towards Damnation (because he came alive). And when he first opens his eyes, his head is just looking to the side whilst facing downwards with his body. I can also add that doing angles for HCE is a PAIN in the butt, not exaggerating a bit. You have to do it on the PC and the controls are fucked up, the movement is inflexible and it was a pain getting angles. And I'm glad people liked the intro after all the effort :D To generate that creepy vibe was exactly what I was hoping to achieve, so glad that worked out!

That 241 on Chill Out was a bit weird. I missed my first shot, which in the video; looked messy and I couldn't make it sync up/look good. So I had to do the cheeky thing to cover up the first shot being cut out, which left the gun smoke visible after skipping to the 2nd shot. That's probably my favorite clip in CE since it was my first and last 241, and then to follow it up with a sick double in their spawn was just the icing on the cake :D Still bummed about the guy who went tilt-mode and quit which made it look a bit sloppy, but with that spawnstick I would've probably gotten him anyway. That was actually one of my first games in matchmaking that was NOT 2v2 :P

I've always wanted to play HCE in a proper matchmaking system, since Halo PC only offered low populated servers with unpleasing gametypes + it had that delay where you had to aim in front of the guy to kill him, which bugged me. So once HCE got a 2v2 playlist, I was so ready! Had been watching tips & tricks by the legendary HCE pros, watching spawn-knowledge videos, downloaded a CE timer for weapons/powerups, read into what's a good position and what's not etc. I believe I got to rank 15 very early on, and was facing rank 20-25 duos which completely rekt us :o HCE is definitely a much more difficult game when set against players who knows the game.

And I'm glad you liked the soundtracks :) Had so many people not really liking it, and saying it was too dragging and monotone, but I just really wanted that "ancient/epic" kind of theme! I also grew tired of modern rock/pop with lyrics that are completely irrelevant to Halo/the video, over the years.

Thanks for the feedback! This is why I loved making Halo videos; best feedback :D

*EDIT: If you meant how it looked weird in the OUTRO, when he was landing whilst faced upwards, and then he was suddenly facing downwards was just an outcome of me being too unmotivated, and besides; my school PC I had everything set for angle-work had gone to shit :/ Originally, I had planned to set up angles for the entire way down from top of Damnation. But doing that alone would have taken so much time and so many failed attempts. In the end I just decided on doing the cheeky thing to just replay the intro backwards. It kind of worked out, idk, some holes in the "plot" tho, by doing just that.
Yes I was referring to the animation in the closing.  Again, great video dude, 
Loved the creepy vibe you managed to create, which Bx pointed out. And I think it fits the CE map scenery really well. I was blown away by the Chill out spawn triple snipe... Disgusting play! Great vid, man!
Loved this. Some seriously awesome clips in there. Loved the whole theme of the video. Nice work. 

Forgot to post when this came out but I loved this! I am probably responsible for a quarter of the views lol

I enjoyed the theme as well and the music choice was cool, thank you for making this.

@Piano Frenzy, do you have a download link?
Here's the DL link. Sorry it took so long!

Decryption key:

(just copy & paste that to access the download)
yeah this is probably my favorite montage of all time, visually, from the opening clip, hiding under water was so fucking sick! to the song contrasting the essence of halo in such a nice light. 
Still a great tage. Loving the CS:GO content now!