The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Anyone playing doom this weekend? I think it's amazing, elements of it really remind me of halo (the good ones that is)

Damn that's some nice creativity dude! i'm loving the teleporter, although i've yet to think of any truly revolutionary uses really, so far i've just used it to escape falling off or if there's too many enemies.

Doom is HELLA FUN. Crank that sensitivity up to max and it's one of the most fun things I have EVER played. Here's some stuff I got playing tonight on stream, more to come, and possibly a video if I keep this up.

First Game, First Multikill -

Killtac I Think -

Just A Massacre of Bodies -

What A Clutch Teleporter -

Clutchest Teleporter Ever -

​Weird Double Assassination Triple -

Also got a shit ton of cool triples and like 834759834 Overkill (IDK the doom name for it lol) chokes.

I'm hoping to get a video out too, hit like 6 or 7 clips throughout yesterday. In my last game last night i even hit a 2 for 1 triple kill... I didn't even think that would be possible!

Damn son that sucks. Always happens to me in H2C snipers on MCC when I auto reload, drives me fucking nuts.

this could have been the most amazing prediction ever
this could have been the most amazing prediction ever

Various clips I've gotten over the past week. Haven't hit too many nice sniper clips though, I choke too much now lol.

Smokiest quickscope I've ever gotten -

looks neat, is that just nade smoke...? 

looks neat, is that just nade smoke...? 

Haha yeah, with a tinge of the red overlay still up from the nade hitting me point blank.

Hit my first ever Guardian exterm and it was pretty sick. About time lol.


You're pretty stupid if you're wondering how those weren't headshots. There's a very fine line that separates the head's hitbox and the rest of the body's hitbox, and you just happened to hit shots on the wrong side of that line. Easy as that.
got a killtrocity with two double shots in it :D first legit clip ive gotten in months
compare both of the qs's to the hs and you can see the hs was practically a shot to the collarbone, while the other 2 seem much closer to the head. Admittedly the last shot looks off, but the first qs is about the same as the hs.
I was able to tell that everything registered as it should have just from the slowmo bits you gave me. Give me angles and I'll shatter it, but the clip didn't happen either way, so whatever. 
rip jason

not a clip per se, just a cinematic teaser

fucking sweet
Yeah, he invites me to party before and says "I bet you won't get an over" lmao. Lost that game horribly though, pretty unfair teams :(
i thought it was funny how one of the uglier mlg exterminations was followed by one of the nicest mlg sticks 
Damn, that was such a great stick.
haha, that's amazing
wicked clips ben, i was thinking its about time you made a tage that truly shows off how much of a monster you are
I'm a big fan of your gameplay, Ben. I hope to see a full vid from you sometime. Also, you should create a new thread when it's a mini at the very least. I'm sure people would enjoy it quite a bit.
I agree. If you have a 4 minute video of straight gameplay, just create a new thread for it! No shame in that.