The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

duuuuuuuude, Ben, that last clip doe.

Kill me now

my eyes are bleeding
Oh fuck, that hurts...

My first and likely last one

More of an edit, but didn't know where else to post this.

lotsa people seemed to like this so i thought i'd post it here

I suck

Dinos are so shit tbh.

If you're in the mood for something non-halo, give this a watch

If you're in the mood for something non-halo, give this a watch

Wow, that was actually really cool. Makes me consider buying a PS4 when doom comes out, this game looks really great
Thanks man, the game is super enjoyable i'd highly recommend it seeing as you're a fan of halo. Obviously i don't think it will quite have the same staying power with me as halo did but for the weekend i played it i had an absolute blast.
It reminds me of Halo 4 lol. Its like a mix of cod and halo, but pretty fun :)

So how do yall feel about h5 clips? I feel like no one really posts any/plays h5 on here :(

Also I have these for you I guess.


Tell me if you like them, or which ones you didn't like, i'd appreciate the feedback.

Nd this one I am posting just cuz I think its funny but I honestly hit the cannon shots more often than I miss them on MCC. Not really a hard shot, but still I always get salty when someone shoots me over cannon. My other video showed how I do it flying over cannon, this shows the other way around, which imo is much easier.


Ouch, that tac choke :( And yeah, I find hitting people going over cannon is much easier in MCC. I definitely hit the shot more often than I miss as well.
hehe that first clip with the spawns was both hilarious and awesome at the same time. Evidently you're a fuckin beast so ima sub to you. 

Not Halo but threw together a video with Doom Beta highlights to celebrate Doom's release tonight.

overwatch beta was some of the most fun ive had on a game in a while. first game i think im ever going to preorder just so i can preload and play at exactly 12am. wish i would of been recording clips, this is one of the only ones i did, nothing impressive really

Awww thank you kind sir, I only upload to my youtube so I can embed youtube videos in this thread so if you check this alot then you won't be missing much. I was thinking my clips are kinda "meh" by themselves, or at least the h5 ones, and might be more enjoyable in a highlight video form, so I might try to figure that out but I am horrible with technology so wish me luck!!!!!
Noscope trip into a jumping ns exterm :P Missed the tac by milliseconds too...

looks dope fatal

No idea where to post this but I was rewatching Stormy's montage and I'm 99% sure the 2v2 trocity is staged lol.

Probably, I think Chris was pretty much shunned from the montage scene for staging clips. I doubt he was "trying" to kill stormy at least.
They didn't explicitly try to stage but as soon as someone hit a triple or something, if you didn't give the next multi, you got kicked from the lobby lol. He also removed all the pocket spawns so you could only spawn cannon/flag/backstage. It was pathetic.

One of the most unique livestream clip moments ive ever had.