The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

I mean let people have their fun I guess but personally Im glad people point out stuff like this because I think it should be known/stated.

IMO  doing stuff like this ruins the clip, and when its passed off as legit it makes clips like those look easier or more common, when in reality they are not. Then when I hit an overkill on 2 ppl its like well Stormy (allegedly) did it for a killtac so his clip is better...not that its a big deal but it just seems sneaky.

Then again I am a sweaty try-hard nerd so when I am playing customs with my friends and I get a triple they NEVER challenge on purpose, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I wanna play that so bad haha sick 

So im debating on if I should start saving clips like these for some type of MCC montage/minitage or if I should just post my clips in here. Which would yall rather????  Or maybe some type of monthly highlight reel if I start playing alot? Either way imma post this cuz it was sloppy/funny.

Dude that was pretty sweet, not really sloppy lol. 

Also, I just put out this highlight video for BAKSMAK, it's pretty chill and the clips are pretty good for highlights lol. Check it out!

Yeah sloppy was the wrong word, but the 241 rocket overkill for some reason makes it hard for me to take serious. Just felt like the easiest killtac yet.
it could def work in a highlight, but i agree none of the shots were too difficult or impressive. still a tac though, and i do enjoy the short highlight vids even though the gameplay is often below par of an actual montage so if you think you can come up with enough slight below par clips i'd say do it
i'd say save for a vid, but that's pretty much always how i've done things. Upload random rubbish shit as raw clips in 'highlight videos', save slightly better clips up to make a better video every so often which actually has music and editing.

Ok that sounds good, I think you will see me and a certain screenshot posting player/editor in a MCC dueltage in the future :)

In the meantime I will try to download some sort of trial editing thing and just put some lesser clips to music, any suggestions on an easy software to do this for Windows?

i miss the time of the screenshots in this thread. i remember when it was the usual a while back and it got me all hyped because there were some really cool and interesting ones without showing barely anything yet so it could still be used for a montage 

ive always used sony vegas pro, which is pretty basic but sufficient for me. i know the more experienced editors would probably advice adobe or some other fancy stuff because it has more options, but if you make a drop and drag highlight sony vegas should do it. 


Depends on your competence with computers. If you've never done anything to do with editing before and know literally nothing, windows movie maker is ez to make a start. If you wanna start making proper tages with music and syncing, vegas is the way to go. 

And if you want to learn sony vegas, look at phurion's guide to sony vegas, it's what got me started and he covers pretty much all the basics. Obviously the software is a little different now but i think most of what he says still carries.


1) I choked a few tacs and trocities on you the other night in snipes. Hit the overs but still angry as fuck.

2) Don't even ask if you SHOULD save it. Save everything. And throw as many things as you see fit into little videos. More content > Less Content > No Content.

You'd be surprised. Most editors I know sync in Vegas and just transfer over to After Effects once they want to do more advanced stuff, colour correction, etc. I know for a fact Sillygoose and Muggsy do this. Me too.

1. Yeah I remember that, I had a few chokes as well but no overs that game :/

2. True, but only to an extent. Fewer, higher quality content generally beats out an excessive amount of lower content stuff, but I agree with you. If I think of saving it, or I save it in the moment just to watch again, then although the clip by itself might not be impressive, someone will find it enjoyable mixed with other highlight-style clips and it should be decent enough for people to continue watching.

Thank you for the feedback, see you in team snipers :)

"I'm the greatest"
damn sk0ls that was nasty 
only Skols & myself in 06 could jerk themselves off to such a mediocre clip.


Also just hit a nasty MCC Snipers Clip. Will probs post unlisted soon. Def not a single upload.

that could have been a nosc killionaire and it wouldn't even have been impressive. look at that first dino, might as well get a killionaire on grunts

yeah it was a godly lobby thats for sure

theres the mcc snipes clip, 241 tac into jaro

That MCC struggle after the jaro, lmao.


Good shit

thanks man, the lag was so real

this is my reaction any time i hit anything lol so much hype

The name false snapshot seemed familiar so I looked it up. He used to sweat super hard on 360 H4, and I recognized that name from the Halotracker leaderboards. Surprised to see him in MCC though, he seemed like someone that be rolling BTB in H5 rather than solo searching MCC Team Snipes.

Nice clip tho!

I'm pretty sure I have a clip on that same guy. I recognize his name.

Kept matching an OpTic Scumpy poser in Arena last night (arguably the best CoD player in the world, best slayer for sure). Prob played with/against him 5 times. Realized later in the evening that it was actually Scump haha. I then went and watched the overkill I had gotten during the session and it was on him :P.

you got an over on the ginja ninja in a game he doesnt even play lol nice
you got an over on the ginja ninja in a game he doesnt even play lol nice
He's surprisingly good for how little he's played. Has less than a day played but is like 1700 onyx in arena. The movement systems are pretty similar between the games and he obviously has good gunskill. I'm sure he's played past Halo's as well.


i'll give someone like 10$ paypal if they can go on 360 and cap my clips from my fileshare on bo2/mw3


fuggit make it 20

what the fuck