The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Oh christ i thought they were different clips per picture, now i see that's not the case... well that's absolutely crazy
WTF hahaha that girl sounds fucking crazy. like she will find you and come slash your tires or some shit
I agree. She sounds fucking crazy lmao.

little something Captain JAZZ asked me to send to him, thought i'd share here as well even though it aint that much

The snipe from sword window was fucking hilarious haha. Pretty sick frenzy.

I don't know if any of you have been playing Overwatch but I'd highly recommend it. It's really fun and only 40 bucks, a much better buy than Doom imo and I know a lot of people here were excited for that. I hit a nice triple and ended this game with a 32 kill streak, no deaths :)

Try $60 instead. I don't know if I'm going to wait for a price drop or not, because I'm not getting it for PC.
No, that's the origins edition. PC Overwatch is $40 USD.  Ignore this I can't read.

Since it's my birthday, I reverse gift gave. Here's me spoiling one of my favorite clips. Beware, noobs inbound, but still one of my favorites.

god tier
nice swanky

DAMN. I'd singlehaloclips that one for sure. One of the coolest sticky launches I've seen in this game, and the fact that it was a jetpacker made it even sweeter.

re ben: ty for your validation and occasional edit offers <3  & </3



+ LOL that stick

Just getting a launch that doesn't explode within a decisecond is tricky enough in Reach, so I was quite pleased when I landed this one. I've previously tried submitting a fusion coil launch on a jet packer, but no response... Let's see if Silly accepts this one!
make sure you're submitting right and I see no reason why he wouldn't accept this one. I got uploaded today with an H4 TS exterm, and this clip is 5x more impressive.

OMG Lambee, that was fkin awesome bro. What  are the chances to get a launch sticky on a midair jetpacker in reach? Almost none. I almost got an similiar clip:

But you're right. Its really hard to launch stick someone in reach. Im so happy that i already got 3 so far. You will see them in my M1 :)

Excited to see these! Yuuuueeegh that was so close it hurts. Powerhouse is a cool ass map, one of my favorites from back when I played reach. I love seeing any non-snipes clips on it, especially creative ones like this. The hype is real af for M1
That would have been so ill... Glad you're going for these type of clips. Reach montages lack creativity and variety. 

Doesn't deserve its own thread but figured I could post it here.

most of you will have seen this from my first and final, but I wanted to be cool and post in this thread

holy shit
That was nice even for a Reach Clip
If you haven't already seen my dualtage with trev...  

That was one hella nice Reach Naire.

That was nice even for a Reach Clip


WOW swanky, is that your first naire?

Posting this here for Phlash cause he won't do it:

Hahahaha wait and see Deany. I think it is the first adrift naire though, at least as far as I know. Dater might've gotten one in his big H4 SWATtage a while back, but besides that I don't think anyone has hit an adrift naire. Funny how I hit this yesterday but in all my time on H4 I've never gotten a naire on exile, or even close to one on Ragnarok (the two maps where more than half of H4 killionaires come from)

Also whoah, I dunno how I hadn't heard of this guy but he's amazing. That was a sweet tage, some really sweet under pressure snipes.