The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Actually, it would be the 2nd Adrift naire.

holy shit, you're right. I remember seeing this back in the day, but I guess I'd forgotten about it. To my knowledge no one made a tage with it though, which is really sad since it's an INSANE clip. Mine is nowhere near this impressive, since it's shotty/BR rather than BR/snipe
Jeremy got a Multi-Team SWAT Adrift Naire as well.
i remember getting several tasts on adrift


holy shit RIP ishii lol, good stuff ben
rest in pishii

here's a little gameplay I posted, a bit slow at times but I get a few nice multis in it

both were made oneshot

and I did get the tac because his idiot teammate railed him in the back of the head, but this is one too many 241 trocity chokes for me. I have lost count on how many I could have had by now.

got to play for an hour during times of studying, my reaction is a bit much but I hadn't played for quite a while hahaha
sword launch itself here was the tricky part, not an easy angle and had to time the jump pretty much perfectly, not choking it was all I cared about when I was flying around so no fancy swipe sniping in this one 

I wasn't aware that you could still play H2V. Were the servers being shut down only temporary? 
So sick.

Bad timing considering m5 is meant to be my last montage :P

haha, still get this so often :) 
the servers were indeed shut down, but there are other methods to still play it. I still use tunngle, an online LAN program, used for a lot of other games too.
but this method has a lot of issues, for example, if I play off host, H2V crashes every 3 minutes. 

there is a better method already up, project cartographer, u can play on dedicated servers hosted by our own people. They're put a lot of programing time in this and managed to get rid of games for windows live. So not only did they manage to get this working again, they're even going to try and fix a lot of annoying H2V bugs that Bungie & 343 never did. The only minor thing is, to host u need to open your ports, and I have 2 very pissed off rooters for some reason that won't allow me to.

today it isn't a problem to find 16 player games pretty much every evening on it & everything is completely FREE.
As soon as I got time for it I'll be making a tutorial on how to get it running. anyone that's interested can always have a look at their website & try and get it working themselves.

That banshee surfing stick was so cool. I would've saved that for something bigger.
Those 241 multis were sick.
Geez dude, the gameplay in this was so far above the last one it's crazy. The first 2for1 over, that last resort tac, headlong jaro x2, and luke's CTF warmup tac were insane. I find that cross game videos rarely stay very enjoyable, but this was certainly an exception.

Not my clip, but very interesting... very interesting (dunno if I'm doing this link right)

holy shit

Funny thing that happened trying a launch.

I was hoping you'd see this. Is it true?
Unfortunately, yes. I had no fucking clue that had happened in-game though, and I still did not know until I saw this clip.
How was the first Asylum clip an exterm? Sick vid, man!
5 kills, not 4. The first headshot wasn't a part of the multi, and he got a 241 for the double kill.
Did not catch that. Should have noticed by the medals and score, but really hard to spot without those references. 
Sup guys,

It's iOpTiMuS if you remember me from years back. Edited the flatline trailer, Clockwork Trailer, and some other things. My old account which had since like 2006 won't work with the new changes so I had to make a new one. Just curious if anyone is looking for an editor. I'm trying to get back into it and I have a pretty sweet laptop now and a little free time when I'm not flying. Let me know.


Optimus is sick, these trailers were hype back in the day.

Not even good but I'm back to playing Halo 2 if yall wanna hmu and play some

Optimus is sick, these trailers were hype back in the day.

Not even good but I'm back to playing Halo 2 if yall wanna hmu and play some


Thanks bro, I play h2 MCC a lot so if you wanna play go ahead and add me. I changed my GT awhile back.

GT: SperrysAndBlow

I meant Halo 2 PC not MCC lol

Too broke to own an XB1

I meant Halo 2 PC not MCC lol

Too broke to own an XB1


Haha I have h2 pc, it's better than MCC tbh. Still broken... has to be the worst launch in history.