The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

How was the first Asylum clip an exterm? Sick vid, man!

That's what i thought after i saw the exterm medal. I had to watch it in theatre to understand the clip

My first ridic clip in H5

the power of gucci mane compelled me

did u edit that ben? nice man, but seriously, edit your own clips too! they deserve so much more than just being uploaded as raw footage hahaha

just hit this, motherfucker I can double shot

Are you using Project Cartographer or Tunngle? 

still tunngle, I tried setting up carto before, it worked fine at first but I have really annoying rooters that won't allow me to port forward. So I can't host/join hosts, I could only play on the dedicated servers, which always had terrible gametypes and weren't even populated back then (already few months ago even)
tried setting up again few weeks back to just play on the servers since I heard it was getting populated, but then I had DLL error, twice.

uncut told me he'd help me setting it up, messaged him twice but no response yet, if u could help me through a skypecall or something u'd make my day

edit: mostly because I'll always get comments about how much my opponents suck and it's not hard to clip them, I can't deny that. But it doesn't mean I don't have certain skills in 1v1 clipping, there simply aren't good people to clip on in H2V. So if I can get on carto and play people like u, I finally can get some sweet clips on solid players

nice gp m8
Have you ever tried Evolve before? My friends and I used to use Tunngle for most games we played like UT3/WC3/AoE and Evolve worked way better than Tunngle ever did with much less hassle.

Super enjoyable vid Ben. Could make a thread for it imo.


Does Eli know that the triple kill at 0:53 on EL FLAKO RUSHES is Snipedown? That's his second account. Pretty sick.

Yeah, I'd definitely make a thread for that. That last triple, what the fuck?!

That moment when you choke potentially huge stuff by falling off the map.

thanks guys and yeah eli knew that was snipedown

no but I did play some AOE with tunngle too,  worked fine. The problem with tunngle and H2V is that u need to use a DLL loader too, which makes your game crash every 3-5 minutes. Connection is also waaaaay better with cartographer. but AOE tunngle had barely players on it so I finally made the switch to steam and legit PC gaming. Have my bro's library shared with me, 132 games ^^ got addict on AOE too, if u still play haha

as always, to stay a little in context, here's a nice clip

Your clips are nuts man.  Wish you had more 4v4 stuff.

haha thx man, glad u enjoy them so much. 
and I got great news for u on that, I played my first actual session on project cartographer yesterday. Had a full lobby of 16 players for 2 hours straight!
that hasn't happened since spring '15, when the servers were still up. I hosted mostly FFA because I misted snipe multi's so much, got a total of 12 jaros I think, some extended by some more jaros ^^ 

gonna make a video with it as soon as I have time for it, 4v4's still aren't easy to host since people quit & rejoin all the time but the project isn't even in it's first official release yet, it's gonna get a lot better!

So, is this the new trend now? People come to Ben to get a montage every three days or so, and he just lets them all push him around? I'll send you some clips bud, you better have something ready for me next tuesday.
LOL, no ive had some videos in the works for a while now. this shwayzey one was spur of the moment though

last one for a while i promise LoL

Nah, tuesday's your deadline son
anyone familiar with xlink kai? I'm looking for videos of this modded/created custom map I can't find it anymore but I know it's on YouTube in the Colombian halo 2 scene. it looks like it was made out of Cairo station from campaign, it has 3-5 levels of stairs with glass railings (like Cairo station, it was literally built using the campaign level skin) that gradually go down to the other side of the map where there is a big glass wall for cover, it's a really simple small map. I wanted to make it on halo 5 
does anyone know how to make mcc audio specifically h3 audio sound less shitty

Unless you need really specific stuff, you might be better off just using this.

That was sick, not going to lie.

That was sick, not going to lie.

- Fuck, always takes forever when i hit reply so i hit it again and it double posts. Need to stop doing that.

i fucked around with track compression made a huge difference, but thanks

Cute little spree i had last week in late night 4s:

look at me now haters