The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

jfc that's an insane shot

So i jumped off the mountain on lockout

holy fuck dude
How u do that?


For those of you who are H2 content starved, some meh GP but also some pretty nifty clips.

So i jumped off the mountain on lockout




I know most of you in this thread have probably seen this clip already, but its one of my favorite MCC clips.
No Overkill?  4/10.

And they actually shot back!

that zanz tac makes you look sexy no homo
you should sue 343some for that last clip. you got hate fucked. no love involved. bad touch.

Back to reach I guess, would be a leftover if M5 but for M6 not sure what to make my standards for a dying game.

 on Imgur

Halo is so fucking boring now hahaha