The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Definition of Teammates Count

Hi @Kblocker ‍, nice clip. Hope you're doing well man.

Posted this on r/halo and got 182 upvotes LMAO

Can anybody here still cap h3 360 clips? Need a massive favour of about 5 clips being capped for my h3m2

not halo clip or my own clip. Its a friend of mines clip that I asked if I could do a SEC with.

DAMN, has anyone hit an Isolation snipes naire?

Also, Sucky and I made a vid

Seriously.  I guess assholes will always exist.

1st Reach clip in over 3 years

Can anyone edit a MCC tage for me? I have pretty great clips with a good amount of them. This montage i have gameplay for making has alot of potential to be very great

yo remember when i was saying i havent been editing or playing H2V because my PC was freezing like every 5 min.. yeah it shut down in the middle of our game lmao

but i found out its bc i had my graphics card OC'd too much. Well, that and I have to RMA my water cooler.

but i did hit this the game before you joined

one time i hit a kinda cool frenzy on h2