The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Trash talker learns a lesson after statting on solo queues with a party of 4.  HILARIOUS!

I thought this H2 goody was worth sharing :) 

So good, Deany!

Ive been raving about this elite controller for like a month now but I love this thing. Figured out two new button combos so far.

I'm sorry but what!? That's insane man great find!

hahaha i remember this, i flew so far 

Matchmaking lol

why are you trying that hard with the sniper in 2017

just invalidated your montage for me good job I thought it was pretty good 

Hey guys, im planning on making a good video..(finally)

I really need opinions on this clip, and if it fits the standards


Everyone has different standards. I think the only standards you should have are your own.

That's a nice message and I agree but that wasn't what I asked for honestly


I wouldn't have saved that clip?

Why do you think I'm trying hard? Because I hit a few shots in a 2v2?  You know what they say about assuming right?

Also not sure if your aware but my tage was 100% clips from the 360 and most were from 2009-2010 and 2013.

"I liked your competitive tage until I found out you were trying to hit your shots." -chubbymax 2017


Not sure how many of you know Hambxne, but he's a Reach guy kinda like Axilo but with game-breaking knowledge to the level of Hyena. Sounds like exaggeration, but it's not. He's pretty much the only person pushing Reach's limits these days, and I'll just say that his clips are genuinely mindblowing. I'm really really happy to be editing his M1, to be released this March. Teaser is below:


lol, my clip just got the second spot in the SHC December top 10


also, swanky that looked dope. short little teaser, but did get me excited for it

Dang, that looks like it's gonna be good. Plus DJ Mustard to top it off

I burst out laughing when i got this. One for the final i guess hehe. The road has almost come to an end, and i will soon be leaving this game (at least the playing aspect of it) behind me forever.

This is a killer collab! Really looking forward to it, Swanky!

Made a little video demonstrating some Quadshot variations.

Doubleshot-Melee-YY, Standard Quadshot, and Zoom-Doubleshot-YY-Zoom

THF most shots fired in 1 hour comp. GO!

If you don't like the gameplay you can treat this as a music playlist.

Always love when you upload long videos, so much fun to watch. 
Glad you like em :)

Anyone alive here? I did an extremely quick/minimalistic edit over Deany and Phlash FX's reach clips (they have some of the most unique reach clips, definitely throw them both subs)

Was about to ask what song that was cause it sounded something like Amélie then I saw the end. I like your clean edits, you have good eye with cuts, hitting the sync point and no need for flashy sfx. Also the HUD off stuff looked great.

I had a Radiohead song in this but had to change it. Got pretty pissed so no syncing / editing.

Great watch, Lat! Some of those anticipation plays were really nice. 

If you play Combat Evolved watch this.