The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

Thanks bum

you're a sick bastard Ben, how you gonna let a headshot tast be a leftover.

prolly the last crappy halo video I'll ever make:


it's been real fellas, see ya in another dimension.



From the Long Beach LAN we had last week.

Thought I would drop this in here

Hope everyone is doing well :]

posting some sick sick vibes and H4, check it out:

Chico & Tarzan Leftover Montage - Vale Dicere

okay so this is a project I started way way back (see the comp intro haha, what plans I had). Most of the main part is finished, but some angles are missing (from clips but also in intro etc.) and so is the end of the last song. Also never got to the fine tuning nor the effects part so it is a little sloppy, my apologies. Anyway, since I am finally convinced I'll never finish it, the only thing I could do was still upload this last render. The gameplay I believe is very old, but still pretty good and unique and offer a great variety of clips. Enjoy!

Pretty crazy reach clip in zealot...

I booted up my old xbox and found clips from 2007-2010