My Method (Chapter One: The Fall) - A Story of Leftovers

Hello, everyone. Thanks for clicking through. This is a project i was fortunate enough to get. Marksman messaged me after i posted about having an idea for a montage. He was kind enough to send me over 100 leftover clips to do what ever i wanted with. I was happy even though they were leftovers because i hadn't edited anything in 5 years and wanted to play around. However, i used this as a tool for the structure of the montage. Thus, this is a story of leftovers. I focused mainly on flow and synchronization while staying true to the structure i tried to create.

Unfortunately, life has taken over and i haven't been able to touch this project in 4-5 weeks. Luckily i had finished part one of three. This was meant to be one long montage that would have roughly been 15 minutes long. I have all the songs picked and edited down for each part as well as all of the clips picked. Each part is about 4-4 1/2 minutes long. Part 1: The Fall. Part 2: The Climb. Part 3: Triumph. These would be the titles of each chapter of the montage. A story of leftovers, or montage making in general. Naturally, i picked all of the best "leftovers" for Part 3. The clips are quite amazing for leftovers and i'm sorry you won't be able to see them any time soon unless Marksman gives them to someone else. So, try not to be disappointed in the gameplay because i was saving the best for last. Also, thanks to A Swanky Lemon for working with me on getting some nice cinematic shots.

I would like to finish it one day, but i don't see how i can start it back up until around Christmas time. So, instead of it collecting dust in one of my hard drives, here it is. I really hope you enjoy what i could finish of part one. Thanks for watching, everyone.



Just awesome. I can't even imagine what you could make with more time.
Thank you! Very happy you enjoyed it.

I really think Valiant is in the process of creating something unique and beautiful here, so here's to hoping we all get to see the continuation of this project. He did so much more than what I expected of him, and I felt really bad about the quality of the clips I gave him at first when I noticed how hard he had worked on this. I had to dig up better clips for him at one point, so keep in mind that it was going to gradually get better and better throughout the video.

You really did amazing work considering what I gave you, so massive props for that.

That was gorgeous.

That was fantastic. Absolutely loved the soundtrack and colours and the the feel you created with the video was great too. Hopefully we'll get to see parts two and three because I really enjoyed this. Great work Valiant.

Also, I can't tell you how excited I am to see Marksman's best clips lol. Just hope it's not 80% snipers gameplay.

Thanks very much you two. I honestly wasn't sure how this would be received since i didn't try to do any interesting effects or anything crazy we've seen in the past and because it's technically only a third of a montage. I'm very pleased you liked it! I would have LOVED to release the whole 15 minute video this month.

Also, I can't tell you how excited I am to see Marksman's best clips lol. Just hope it's not 80% snipers gameplay.

Well, I didn't give him my best clips; I gave him some of my better leftovers, and what I gave him is probably more than 80% Snipes.

Yeah I know. I meant whenever you release your main montage.
This was sweet! You should pick this back up in December, Valiant. From what I can tell Marksman isn't the least bit impatient so if you're interested a few months from now and time's permitting, start the second entry. Obviously it's between you two dudes but I like what I saw from this.

Please finish this.

Marksman start giving him your non-leftovers for the final part. You've got a few months :).

I'll do my best to get it done sooner than later. I appreciate everyone asking for it.

edit: I have about 25 seconds 1 minute of part 2 done. Maybe i can tease you all in a couple days.

dang that was so good
Thanks m8
I've got a brilliant idea for an H2 edit I've had in my back pocket if you want the folder and the concept for it. I'd love to see the outcome :)
I don't even have time for my own stuff. Sorry!
That was a beautiful edit.
I like your flow,, the subtleness of it. Id like to see a bit more variation in effects in your cuts though to keep it more engaging. The bleach bypass looks great in this though. gg
That intro with the Spartan and the clip playing in his visor was very good looking; the transition into the play was beautiful as well.  The slow-motion, masked transition at 0:54 was pretty nifty.  I usually get bored with Team Sniper only montages, but you have impressively kept my attention and interested the whole way through.  Good job on that aspect Valiant.  Aw, that clip on Blackout was so disappointing, I feel your pain brotha.  The angle work here is very stronk.  Overall this is just a pretty and enjoyable video.  Your themes and concepts came to nice quite nicely.  And yeah it sucks when real life shit gets in the way of Halo and video game related activities.  
Ha, thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it! Still hoping to pick this up in a couple months if i can.