Yoshi :: Team Snipers Minitage

Good clips. There was a couple I wouldn't have put in, but there were a lot of power plays that really made up for it.


However, you know what I'm going to say next.


You are forcing those syncs way too hard. Don't get me wrong, synchronizing is a good thing, and it's always something to think about, but having to sync every single shot to every single measure just beats the clip to death, and what starts out as something that could be impressive, ends up straining.  I wish I could be that good, though! 

ill keep that in mind next time, appreciate the input

Tbh, I have no clue what he's talking about lol. The syncing in this montage didn't seem forced at all. Most of the clips just played out like they originally were with little to no manipulation which is fine since the song was pretty chill anyways. I actually would've liked to see a bit more syncing, especially in parts where the clip was pretty close anyways. For example, at 1:17, you could've synced the first kill to the beat that comes like half a second after and just sped up the next part just slightly more than you already did.

Still a great video though. Yoshi's gameplay is great and it's fun to watch as well because of the high sens. He's been a fucking monster in the few games I've played against him.

While I agree with Morpheus' comment that forcing syncs is dumb and can take away from the footage/experience, I genuinely feel that this isn't the case whatsoever here. Not one single bit. Literally not even once did I feel this happened throughout the vid on a single snipe, let alone a single clip. Perhaps his computer had a bunch of software running and it was dragging his performance down so the video appeared rough from catching up/slowing down/buffering/idk, but this couldn't be anymore untrue in this case.
I commented on youtube, but worth repeating that that nade jump over on Evster is one of the dirtiest things I've seen.