Volume 3 - H2 1v1 Teaser (Edited by Mayhem)


Very excited to post this! Big thanks to Mayhem (Wonderlvnd) for the edit! Hoping to release the final montage soon, but with that, I'm a picky bitch with my clips so let's hope for the best. Thanks to everyone on the forum, my friends list, and the people who love them 1v1's! I hope you guys enjoy!

very dope
Appreciate it man! 

Great stuff Jordan!

Looking forward to seeing your clips Ethical, I bet you have some crazy shit

Nice. Definitely looking forward to the final product!
Trailer skills over 9000. solid work by mayhem as always. 
Thanks brother! 
Thank you guys for the feedback! It is appreciated my friends!
Ethical is bad
much sex

i agree