Gunrath & Flood H2 Dualtage | Edited By Sheney

What's up dudes? H2 + 1 H1 clip before i get called out. I had a good time editing this vid, no pressure and just went with the flow of the song. Hope you dudes enjoy!

Awesome tage! The gameplay was spot on, and it pretty much all was impressive. I was worried going in about the song but this was actually very good for MLG rock, and I actually found myself kinda liking it. You say you focused on flow (which is good) but the effects in this were equally as good imo. I can't recall seeing anything like 1:45 ever before, and the flickering between clips worked really well too. Cinematics were really well done too, especially the ones involving the single spartan or the one looking down at snipe ramp jumping S2. Photogenic edit! Will watch again sometime soon.
I thought the gameplay was a little weak at times, for a short dualtage anyways. I liked the editing though.

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Seriously tho solid tage, I was hoping for a little more with the clips considering its a 3 minute dueltage like Ginge said, but it was good enough to hold my interest and the editing was pretty good, good job guys!

Damn I really loved this editing. You progressed a shit ton Sheney. I wasn't even particularly fond of most of your earlier works to be honest. 

Sick gp as expected from GunRath & Flood. 

On the real though, it was aight.