JoeyClutch: Halo 3 Montage 1

It's over a month late but it's finally here, Joey's first Halo 3 montage, edited by me!

The gameplay consists entirely of level 50 MLG so some of you will recognize a lot of the players like Gunstrafe, Snakebite, Fantasy, Turley, NYC, etc. One of the first things we decided on was keeping the length around 7-8 minutes. He has a tremendous amount of good clips saved up but I really wanted to avoid making a 15-20 minute montage like Ace's or Snipedown's where over half of the clips are just average overkills, filler BR exterms, and sniper triples (or doubles in Ace's case lol). We cut out many really good clips (including ~5 killtacs and a ton of overs and triples) so maybe you'll see those in a future montage from him. In most of the clips, he's hitting incredible shots for overs and tacs and it's all against high-level players which is what we aimed for. It's without a doubt the best gameplay I've ever seen from a single person and the best I've had the pleasure to edit as well. 

The editing is simple (as requested by Joey) and was inspired mainly by Broly Bro's montage. We wanted the clips to be the main focus of this montage so I avoided angles during clips and heavy effects for the most part. Personally, I love the third song and it's definitely one of my favourite edits ever. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the raw files of a lot of clips and, as a result, many of the angles were staged and don't look that great but I hope you still enjoy the video for everything else it has to offer.

Thanks for reading. Both Joey and I really love the final product and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!

SONGS (in order):
Lights and Motion - Particle Storm
Lights and Motion - Antlers
Lights and Motion - Fireflies


Really hope I live up to everyone's expectations and you all enjoy! :)

Are you the same Fatal I remember? Or are you a different Fatal. idk.

That was pretty chill though man (I liked the music). I usually don't like MLG because it feels like I've seen it all before but the clips were sick. Saw a couple of recognisable gamertags here and there. I liked the angles that you did have in there, wish there were more because they were really fluid, but that's just what I'm like. Nice colour correction, I liked the optical flares you put on the sticky grenades on both the Midship clips. Good video. Good luck in the competition.

Yep, same Fatal. Been a few years haha :) Thanks for the comments man, glad you enjoyed it!
This was amazing man. I felt like you complimented the gameplay perfectly. Clips were great, none of those meh filler triple kills. Wasn't hyped for a montage like this since wizard.
Incredible. Gameplay was insane, too many sick clips to mention. Editing was on point, loved the angles. Loved the soundtrack. Probably my favorite video in the competition so far. Great job guys!!!
Yeah dude it has been a few years. I literally went off the grid about a year and a half ago - I'd say I'm sort of back now. Less of a dick this time and much more mature. Haha. 

Less of a dick this time and much more mature. Haha. 

Yeah I disappeared in 2013 and didn't come back until summer 2015. And yes, same here lol.

I was just wondering about when this would finally be released. Has my vote for the movie comp.


Loved the angle coming out of the rocket explosion at 5:49ish, looked sweet. Third song was obviously amazing, one of the best ever.

WOW, I'm so glad that its finally out. The third song blew me away with how good it was. Gameplay from Joey was some of the best gameplay ive seen in a very long time.  Overall Simply amazing and thanks for the shout out. 

I don't know what to add that I haven't already told you, Fatal. Just an outstanding edit. You said you took inspiration from Purgatory, but your edit on this is miles beyond his edit on Broly Bro's montage. Beautiful atmosphere, excellent angles and keeping everything simple to let the gameplay really shine. And holy fuck does it ever shine. As everyone has said, some of the best gameplay to ever come out and some of the most unbelievable clips. It's amazing to be surprised by so many clips in a montage nowadays and even though I've seen these clips so many times by now, I still can't wrap my head around some of them. Major props for the intro and how it leads into that first clip, which you know is the best possible clip to start with because it blows one's mind right from the gecko. Also loved seeing a couple clips added in that I hadn't seen and your gentle touches with the angles really helped (lots of great subtle transitions in this, too).

Too bad it all means nothing because I know Joey still loses sleep over the fact that kid got the flag cap in the final clip.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Too bad it all means nothing because I know Joey still loses sleep over the fact that kid got the flag cap in the final clip.

Lmao, you know him too well. I don't think he actually capped the flag in the first clip either. Damn montage kids...

Will without a doubt get my vote the entire way through the comp. I really doubt anything comes close to this from a gameplay stand point. Every single fucking play was top notch, I cannot believe some of the stuff that was hit. Incredible clips man.

Edit was about as good as it gets. You did everything to a T. You made an incredible video and probably a top 10 halo 3 video for me of all time.

Hopefully this gets an insane amount of views.

Amazing job to the both of you.

I felt the editing mirrored the song perfectly which really helped show off the insane MLG gameplay. You did those clips proud Fatal. Amazing video, loved every minute.

Basically just pasting from youtube, but these are my thoughts,

Gameplay wise, this was insane. I haven't seen any GP as condensed and high quality as this. Very impressed by the simple risks Joey Clutch takes, for example going for a noscope on the first clip or a long range stick on heretic :) The GP in this was completely bonkers, and I doubt we'll see anything top it. This gets my vote for the comp.

As for editing, you made the right decision on trimming to 7-8 minutes at max, and pretty much everything about this was great. The flow was perfect, effects just enough to keep it visually captivating and not overpower the GP. The songs were great, and you edited to them amazingly.

I particularly liked the way you used all parts of the screen instead of just the center. Kinda reminds me a comment slater made to me when I was just beginning to get into editing seriously, after I made a trailer for my M3. He basically advised me against simply directing the motion towards the center of the frame for the whole montage, and trying to make the action flow all over the screen. It was one of the most helpful comments I've ever received, and my editing got better because of it. You did an amazing job of this, especially with the angles. You did an awesome job with theater in this, and it makes me sad that MCC and H5 theater are so fucked.

9.5/10, will vote for in contest.

Wow this was terrific, some of the exterminations were absolutely filthy as well.  Some of the best editing I've ever seen as well.  Everything seemed perfect and well synched.  Good work.
I really thought I was going to be let down by this after watching the trailer, as it was so good. But the final product really lived up to its hype! I've now watched this 4-5 times since release, and it's still an enjoyable watch. Pat on the back to the both of you! 
clap emoji
Incredible. Nice work!
Great vid, good job guys!
Awesome montage, great work guys!

Finally got around to watching this and very glad i did. In my mind the gameplay was beyond sick- About as diverse as high-level halo 3 can get IMO. It was spot on with the prototypical snipe exterms but also had a true montagey flavor on a lot of the clips: The Ball beatdown to exterm, the insta-splode over on narrows, the double stick to exterm on guardian, lift triple, long range stick over...  For me those are the types of clips that really set this video apart in terms in of gameplay from pretty much every other video of the same genre. During the last competition i left feedback on a 50 high video saying that the gameplay was sick and full of great plays but had a heavily standardized feel and a lot of people had a really hard time understanding where i was coming from but this is like a video essay on exactly what i was looking for and hoping for in an h3 tage for years.

from a gameplay standpoint I personally felt this was the best non-pro mlg video i've seen and certainly had more flavor gameplay-wise than pro videos. That's just my opinion but i found this more entertaining on the gameplay front than pretty much every other competitive h3 tage i've seen going back to the classics like roadblock's final, MWM, prime, etc. Great soundtrack and smooth editing as well this is easily the best video in the comp right now for me.

I usually dont care much for H3 montages aside from a few people but this was amazing. Someone had told me to check it out, I had saw it posted but hadnt watched it. Watched this the other day and I'd say this is the best H3 tage ive seen in a long time. Loving your edits btw, great flow and really fits the song. Gameplay was outstanding also, made me want to hop into some H3, and that never happens lol. Great job to both of you and good luck, obviously you already have a good standing haha
Has anyone with front page capabilities considered front paging this? I think that arguably the best entry to date deserves the extra attention.
Really great gameplay and cinematography!
amazing. best gameplay in a while imo.

Wow reading all these comments really makes me happy hearing the people that enjoyed it, thank you so much!!!!

I think Fatal's editing/song choice really made this special though.  Major props to him man...


Too bad it all means nothing because I know Joey still loses sleep over the fact that kid got the flag cap in the final clip.

LOL dude you you know me so well!!!! You have no idea how annoyed I was that I didn't stop that.

If you look close when I get the double kill the flag actually disappears, so when I got the triple I was like did we return the flag? So I look away for a second and right as I do the guy turns the corner and grabs a flag that randomly appears for him and I couldn't hit the shot fast enough to stop it. I was very annoyed cuz that would have been my first flag stop exterm with a headshot, but after what happened next I made peace with the fact that I triple exterm'd a "pro"/combine winner, and we counter cap'd so I called it even  :)

Well, this has been one of the most hyped videos in the community for the past couple of months.  I hope I didn't set my expectations too high.

I didn't really care for the intro (start - 1:00), it just seemed like a placeholder and didn't do anything for me.  That first clip was amazing, excellent choice to start off with a clutch play like that.  Wow, some of these snipes are just stupid; these triple kills are on par with some of the best H3 stuff coming out today.  I'm not really understanding the fade to black at around the 2:14 mark; was the the end of the intro?  Was the that the end of the 2nd intro?  It felt very ambiguous in terms of what you were trying to do there Fatal.  That came overkill on Guardian (2:30) was pretty ridiculous dude.  The overkill exterm where you ball glitch Turley on Guardian was really strong.  The cross map stick for the overkill on Heretic made my jaw drop.  Nice editing on that clip as well.  The music fits well with the theme.  You can't really hate on it, so I'm sure others will fall in love with the song choices.  This is one of the few entries that I've watched more than twice so kudos to you two.   There truly aren't any weak or less than stellar clips in this project. so it's hard to address every single one of them.   That Snipedown style trocity exterm on Narrows towards the end might be my favorite clip.  Excellent work gentlemen, I hope this makes it far into the contest.  I would have more to say about this montage but I'm kinda in a hurry.  I'll probably make another post about this montage later on.  Peace.

My idea at ~2:14 was to transition between the two Guardian clips while making it seem like it was the same angle. So I'd show the ending of the first clip and then a few seconds later you'd see the spartan walk in for the beginning of the second clip but there's no cut. It was just one of those things that I can visualize and it sounds great but it was just hard to reproduce well due to limitations in Halo's theater mode so I gave up and just faded the clips in/out.

Also, I'd just like to thank everyone for watching and the kind comments :) I'm really happy that you all enjoyed it!

Just got round to watching this, incredible video, will post more thoughts later, but good fucking work guys

This might be the best movie comp entry so far imo. Im so happy to see such high quality H3 MLG Gameplay in 2016. Of course fatal did a great job with edit but i love the fact that he was focusing on the gameplay. Also good decision that you only picked the best clips. There were truly no leftovers. Even the few triples were sick af. Of course i have my favourites: opening over exterm into Ns Tac WTF,  the under pressure Qs Exterm on Fatal, cstruct lift up Qs triple (fkin hyena like), the long range over exterm sticky (cant imagine the feeling after getting that clip) and the ending trocity exterm.

I feel like 7 minutes is the perfect length for a montage. Not too short, not too long. The soundtrack was great too (Lights & Motion <3). It gave the video such an nostalgic vibe. Overall fantastic video guys. We have the winner :)

Didn't comment on this yet cos i've been somewhat inactive on the forums over the last month but ho lee fuck what a video! To see videos of this caliber coming out still is a testament to the legacy of h3. The editing was literally so technically perfect that I couldn't really fault it at all when Fatal asked me to critique, absolutely nothing felt forced and the VFX were all very professionally done and used in the right amount. And Joey, I've said it before and i'll say it again. As someone who is a little more passionate about social tages than MLG tages (I often don't really care to see MLG triples that aren't really that special other than for the fact their on 'good kids') this is the best MLG gameplay i've ever seen. There were no mediocre clips for the reason that they were on good players, the gameplay would've stood up fine on its own if it was on spastics... But it wasn't, it was on MLG kids. So that in itself is an achievement, the combination of sick shots with sick medal lineups just really did it for me.

Great job you two, This is my current pick for the competition winner :)

Haven't ever played H3 but I sure did make a lot of flat tire noises.

Great edit and rad gameplay.

Thanks for linking, Fatal. Before a quick review, it basically blows my mind to see the last post in this thread was from Indica Haz3. Long time, dude. Unreal...

So, this video was basically exactly what I look for in editing. The subtleties throughout really make for one hell of a clean experience. Obviously the gameplay is excellent. Unfortunately I don't have a real grip on Halo 3 and have only played a handful of times (at most) but you can tell Joey's doin' work. Going into the edit a bit more, I really like the intro. Everything felt so smooth. I will say that I do wish the songs ran into one another a bit more instead of fading out but what you did really compliments the feel of the video. Transitions were lovely, simple and clean, very effective. If there was one gripe with the gameplay I'd say that I didn't like that the video ended on a 2 shot. I could be entirely wrong, or perhaps it was used because it fit the sync nicely without having to cut the clip, but I felt there were better clips throughout that could've served as the ending. Again, this is if I were to search for a reason to knock on the gameplay. It's really not that big of a deal and still ends excellently. Great job, fellas. Good luck in the comp!