Sucky: Fade Down - Minitage

So i felt like editing something and used some gameplay i got from a few days. Tried to work on some angle speed changes. It's not perfect, but It was a fun video to make.

I did notice that the color correction might be a bit too dark after viewing this video on mac. sometimes the computer i edit on seems to render out vids in much brighter quality than my mac, so sorry to mac users.
Also forgot about that random reach clip i threw in here when i made the subtitle. Hope It's enjoyable nonetheless

Nice vid. I can see you're trying to improve your angle work. can't wait to see what you'll release in the future
this was nice little mini man, good work :)
Good stuff, Sucky! Angles were great.
Never gave my thx for the feedback here, glad u guys enjoyed it
i liked the editing style alot, id say just work on smoothing things out a little more, and the synced br shots felt off at points, maybe because it was so fast idk
Yeah it definitely couldve been smoother for sure; all the different speed changes i did made the transition cuts harsh at times. It would help if i could master some more advanced techniques, like masking, if i really wanted to make something that was fast-paced but smooth at the same time. but glad u enjoyed it