Represh Trailer : Wafflebrains & Elite C56

Not a long time from now..

This looks amazing fellas, especially as quality H3 360 gameplay becomes more and more rare. I recognized a lot of the angles in this, as I capped WaffleBrains' clips a few months back. Excited to see the final product!

Yes, big thanks to Lemon for his help capping the 360 clips.

Fantastic trailer Largo.  Loved the vibe you created!!

Largo isn't this the same thing Orphanslayer made a trailer for yonks and yonks ago?

Amazing! Phresh is imo one of the greatest halo 3 montages of all time and i believed this sequel to be long since abandoned so it's really really awesome to see that it's actually going ahead. Good luck with the editing largo, and please do the gameplay justice, i know you will :)

and @Ash you are correct

Great trailer. Makes me want to play H3 BTB. How old are these clips?
Oh sweet.

Great trailer. Makes me want to play H3 BTB. How old are these clips?

About half are from 2011 and the rest are from the last 4 months. 

Damn I didn't even know. Link it to me
Wow lol never knew. Now I'm wishing I didn't make a trailer
Yeah, but then people would still be expecting to see Wezlet in this and I don't think anyone would survive if all 3 of them were actually in this.
where wesley at doe.
Does anyone know if we're ever gonna see wezlets clips? i know he had some crazy ones
Song sucked, but man! The footage itself was exciting! Very well filmed, and makes me very anticipated for the full release. Can't wait to see it!
You don't like Raury?

Nah.  I'm more into Cudi.


Oh my fucking god. <3 

from 2011? xD justmontagethings I guess.

will be super biased with this video in the competetion and I can't help it

I like this, a lot!
When you expecting this to come out Largo boy then?