Radical - H2 Mini

3 days worth of clips.

I started playing H2 properly about a week ago (learning button glitches and shit), so these are mostly clips that satisfy me, nothing impressive.

Shoutout to Ant for getting me into H2, and shoutout to Beau for running some fucking great customs, even if I play like shit 90% of the time. Also thanks JTD for letting me rape you over and over in H3 1v1s the other night ahaha.

Also before everyone comes shouting at me for the style being overdone, I've never done anything like this before, this was my first attempt. Fuck off. Enjoy faggots.

that had a lot of swag. 
I liked the 16-bit intro.  Lol at "my daddy hits me".   I liked the H3 1v1 snipes too.