Ticket's MCC & Halo 3 Montage 1

Hi everybody,

I would just like to start off saying that my gameplay/editing skills are completely and utterly average.   Creating this minitage was a ton of fun, from obtaining all the MCC clips in one day to spending -20 or so hours editing it.  I had not edited or even played halo pretty much since my final H3 montage back in 2011 or 12, so editing was quite the challenge.  Again I got all the MCC clips in one day and the H3 clips you may recognize from some of my older videos.  This video was meant to give me something (somewhat) productive to do while healing from major hip surgery.  I was going to keep editing this minitage and fix all the little errors, but I am back on my feet and just have such little motivation to make it perfect by my standards.  

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it!


Love, Ticket.

Great tage Ticket, that Longshore trocity was pretty sick.  Nice to see you back even if only for one vid
Thanks!  Hopefully, I'll be back on in September.
Would have liked to see more than just one H2 clip but that trip on Zanz was nasty!
Thanks!  Yeah, I would've liked to have played it more as well.  But all people tended to vote for on MCC Team Slayer and Snipers was H3.  
Haven't watched a halo Montage in awhile. Thanks for putting this together.
was sweet man, especially loved the h2 clip. that narrows mlg triple was nice as well
Wow that first clip was really really good.  The turn around triple on Sanc was pretty surprising as well.  You should have entered this into the montage contest man.  Keep continuing to make videos dude.