Your favorite Halo clips you've ever hit

Thought this would be fun/nostalgic. I have a lot but these are some of my absolute  favorites










Lastly this, idc about the amount of afks are in here. I literally screamed when I got this



They aren't "clips" but just things i do on a regular basis that i enjoy more than hitting any jaro x5, in other words i suck too much to get cool clips


​Halo 3

This choke always made me cry too. It could've been such a sick killtac.

4v4 jaro x5.

Probably when I flew into another banshee and it exploded and the pieces flew everywhere and splattered another guy.

1:37 - 1:42

One of the best H4 clips of all time I believe. Didn't even see the triple, it was 100% prediction (and also a ricochet)


​Me and Potentsy didn't have the best of relationships during Halo 3. Always called me a warrior and crap. Loved hitting that clip on him. We matched up on the same team a little while after the video came out and he was cussing me out for making that clip apart of the climax of the video. I didn't instruct Bagel to do so, but it worked out :).

Edit: Actually the clip right after it was a fun memory as well. Down 2-0 Narrows CTF against some pretty good players. I heat up with the snipe starting with that Exterm to secure the cap. End up going off with the snipe rest of game and had 10+ headshots with it. And we won 3-2. 

Dkahre you're my overkill exterm in a clip in TT2 how do you feel about this news.

+ Rusty Panda and whoever plays on Prometheus is P & Inactility.. idk I don't remember because I know Inactility isn't Intactility.






and the stupid ass stick at 2:12^

I had to unzip some files.

1:43 if it doesn't load. fuck all of you i don't think i've seen a luckier clip in this game besides Lynx's overkill on last resort

Did someone spawn on the closed floor? Or was that on two guys up the lift?
Ahahaha I remember this so vividly good shit man
two guys going up the lift

Thanks lol, created by yours truly. Look closely at 0:16.


I feel like the title for the sequel should be 'A Sack full of Action' though.

I yelled "HOLY SHIT" when I got this and my mom got super pissed at me when I got this lmaoooo

Muuuuuum get the camera!!!

REACH - 4 last clips

HALO 3 - coming soon​


Now this is a throwback, this came out in 2007 I think? I was in like 7th grade and remember people being so stoked about this one snipe I got in this montage. 


Sorry for bringing this up HAble lol.

awesome thread David, love the shit that's being posted. Already went through just about everything in here. Had to join in myself, so i just recapped my favorite clips and condensed them into one vid.

1st one was the most absurd social clip I ever hit in h3, and it was on just 3 people too. I remember my parents were having some friends over in the other room while I was playing, and I had to hold myself back from getting too excited.

2nd one was one of the first h3 clips I ever hit. you can probably tell by the fact that I cut the clip off too early in theater when I saved it.

Last one is objectively probably the best clip I've ever hit even though it's h4. You hardly ever see exterms in infinity slayer, and a 241 troc exterm at that. I also like how the announcer takes as much time as he does to announce all of the medals.

I actually have one more I could have put in here, but I gotta save some sauce for a future tage.


These four belong to my favourites. 

Both these were really sick. I always thought that Invasion Slayer was an underrated gametype, and I'm glad you hit a crazy clip like this during its life. Also, Boom-ball made me miss Reach Action Sack :(

I hit a scoreboard tac in Turbo Killer that I was really fond of, even if it was against scrubs (score was like 35 - 1). Also the OS clips from Turbo Killer (CE), Amity (H2), and one I haven't released (H3). Outplaying OS is one of the most satisfying things to me.

I had a 1v1 quickscope on lockout where I was on bridge from S1 to bottom mid, I jumped up and quickscoped my buddy. I REALLY liked that clip, but because the DVR doesn't save permanently I ended up losing it sometime later.

Despite playing Halo since CE it hasn't been until about H4 that I could actually hit decent clips, so I don't have a very large amount of clips I'm proud of. Hopefully in the next year or so I'll hit some cool stuff.