B SiK: "Combat Evolved" [Comp Entry]

Will do, man. I will update/bump the thread when it's available.

Hey B, long time hope you're well.

I really liked ROOTS, as in..  ridiculously much its part of my workout playlist. So I was kinda hesitant going into a new video from you with that comparison.

Luckily you created an entirely different vibe for this one, which kinda took me out of that and got me just enjoying the video.

Well put together, only watched it once so far so not gonna go into editing detail cuz Id be talking out of my arse.

Just really enjoyed it, felt the build up was pulled of really well with parts and themes following eachother in the right pace.

Clip placement felt right and individual clips were set up the right way, using angles where they add something and taking your time.

Waching a halo ce video that looks good on my decent size TV in my new house feels like this world aint all bad. :P

All the best man

Thanks so much for the kind words, man. Very glad to see you around these parts again. Enjoyed the bit about being able to watch an H1 montage in good quality, lol. I'm very glad that it's possible these days! <3

Hope to see you around here more often. Also hope your injury rehab went very well.

It did! Very kind of you to ask.

I'm running a 15k in the hills this sunday. My first semi-competitive sporting event since I fucked my leg up in 2009.

Planning on starting kickboxing again soon. I'm not 100%, but who is.

I'll try to stick around some more.

Loved it man!

Thanks a lot for dropping in, Renzy. Very glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate you taking the time to comment, man, and I hope you've been doing well, bozo brotherman.

If this video doesn't win I'm raw doggin a magic bullet. 
God damn, you striped this apart! I feel like I'm reading a game rating magazine!
I like the outro. Like he just walks off into the water. I imagine there are a few dudes on the beach nearby and they are just like "You see that? That guy just walked straight into the ocean. What the fuck is he doing? Do you think he's okay? Yeah, he'll probably be fine." and then a giant fucking 80 stories tall kraken with 100 tentacles and 500 eyes shows up and eats em....Haha comedy.
This entire tage was sick........B sik......heheh oh hey look the door I'll just show myself out of it.