Trunks: Halo 3 Minitage

Here's a small minitage for Trunks, edited by myself. He came to me almost a month ago with around 15 clips and I happened to be looking for something small to edit before my semester started. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to start editing until about two weeks ago due to an injury but eventually finished the video in two or three sittings over those two weeks. I'm not entirely happy with the final product (mainly some angles) but I definitely enjoy the video on the whole. Hope you guys enjoy it as well and, as always, thanks for watching!

Methodic Doubt - Half the Man


Awesome little video. Great to see you pumping out quality content. I love when videos are this short also, mainly because I feel like you can appreciate the video in a shorter length.
I love your editing style so much, it showcases the clips absolutely perfectly. I just wish i was an MLG guy so you'd edit my gameplay lol
Man, considering this is a minitage it felt like there were a ton of clips in here. Well edited and considering that Trunks has already released so much wonderful MLG gameplay, he had some impressive clips in here. Loved the atmosphere of it, song fit the cc and the editing nicely.
Awesome job Fatal, keep experimenting and get better and better. 

Well done, you keep pumping out great videos!

Its so clean and well done, great gameplay as well.

Love your editing man
Thanks everyone! Glad you all enjoyed it. I might have one more video coming out in September with my own MCC clips and then I'm probably done until winter break.
Damn, just about every one of these clips was fine as hell.  Editing fit perfectly.  Does Trunks play H5 now?  I remember watching his stream  H3 360 all the time not too long ago.
I don't feel that I can really compare this to Blttz Blains since his gameplay was better

Goddamn these clips are old, trunks had me edit either this exact same pool of clips or at least very similar pool of clips almost 3 years ago but he made me scrap it :/  I didn't use all the clips you used in my render obviously but they were all stuff he sent me before lol.

Damn, I liked the scrapped render a lot.  Especially the use and syncing of Hoarse by Earl.
Very good fatal! Its joe (klassichalo from back in the day, I actually edited a trailer for trunks way back when). You've gotten soo much better since we last talked. Would love to get back in touch, hmu

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