Ace: The Montage 2

Hey guys,

Here is a Halo 5 montage I did for HCS pro Ace. I edited a montage for him a few years back which to this date is still my all-time favorite project I've ever worked on. But we've returned with another featuring his best Halo 5 gameplay  so far (mostly on pros and other high ranked players). I'm really glad these montage contests are still around because I know the Halo montage community isn't as big as it was back in the Halo 3 days. Feels good to know there's still a good community around it. Anyway, hope you all enjoy and thanks to all those who helped out!

Player ~ Aaron "Ace” Elam: /AceElam

Editor ~ Logan "Snipetality" Dodson:

Really dug the intro man!
Yeah intro was very cool. Some great clips in there, some questionable clips in there, but overall pretty solid. Biggest complaint is at 7:34 
Im going to echo the praise on the intro, it was awesome. Had a Dr. Strange/ Inception vibe and then the Spartan running while everyone around was getting destroyed was an awesome idea as well. Love the first song, Pendulum has a special place in my heart and I legitimately laughed out loud at the Ninja face reaction to being stuck. What the hell happened at 4:50? The game just glitched him back to a spawn point mid flag run haha. Loved the second song also.  Awesome job as always. 

Editing was unreal. Not a fan of the music choices whatsoever though. Seems to be the same type of stuff in every video you release. 

Would be getting way more attention if this site didn't hate Halo 5.

Everything after that stellar intro was regurgitated, generic, and really not that hard to do. There was some stuff here and there like the wings which were cool. But a creative flow for those songs was lacking. Sillygoose's edit for that same song in Sandman's montage blew this out of the water.

That intro has a shot at best intro, but there are way more competent entries elsewhere when it comes to editing.

Edit: Watched it again and felt my critique was way too harsh on the syncing, so i removed that criticism.

k well it looked fucking sick to me. 

Your editing is over the top in a bad way 

Too many bright lights, unnecessary image mirroring,  eye-sore coloring, excessive slow motion, "epic" spartan death noises slowed down, outlandish audio commentating, all the logos not flowing well, incoherent soundtrack, "hilarious" live twitch scenes, etc.





Can't say I can enjoy H5 gameplay anyway



Love the bait ninja on overshielded snipedown and the funny goofs at the end. Oh, and Ninja get fucked.