Deany - HRM1

​Youtube quality took this down quite a bit, so heres the download link: for the raw file which I would recommend:

So I was actually mostly finished with this in July, but I figured I'd take my time adding the finishing touches since I had plenty of time before the deadline. My thoughts on the video mainly serve just to give some credit to a few people whose help I very much appreciated:


Here's what Deany had to say:


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First post here in over a year, I think, but anyway:

Amazing montage overall. Combined, the gameplay and editing made this one of the most unique and interesting montages I've seen in quite a while. I watched it twice right off the bat and each time I noticed completely different details and even entire clips. The video definitely had its own feel and the whole time I was excited knowing that I was watching something different, which is very rare for me these days. So props to both of you on that; I'll give some thoughts on each aspect as well...

Gameplay: Overall it definitely met my expectation of being high quality with a lot of originality. Great stuff, Deany. A few that really stood out to me: Renegade bounce (of course, amazing), final clip of video (wat), and Delta launch (beat me to it!) come to mind right away. Your choice in clips  was also really interesting, which was cool. A few of those clips at the beginning I'm not sure I would have even saved, yet they fit really well with the video. Was cool to see you choose clips like that over some of the ones in your leftover videos that other montagers might have taken. Awesome that you established your own style and stuck to what you liked - I love it. Also thanks for the shoutout! Glad I could be of some inspiration to such a great video.

Sucky: The CC was incredible. It seriously blew my mind a bit and fit perfectly with all the Forge clips. Flow was great and I loved all the little effect details and interesting angles. Sound was done really well too. Awesome job overall, you nailed it.

Again, amazing job guys. This will definitely be a go-to watch for me.

Loved this! Great combination of creative and high caliber plays, Deany. The teleport glitch to quickscope on the mongoose driver was my favorite play. The sticky launches were really ill as well! Great to see that there are Reach players still going for creative and undiscovered plays. Good job on the edit and creating a great atmosphere, Sucky. Best of luck in the comp, fellas! 

Loved the chill edit and chill music. It really complimented the gameplay for me and made it a very enjoyable montage to watch.

Clips I liked: Any of the launch sticks, Ovk at 1:49, Mongoose portal launch, Triple at 3:33 made me laugh pretty good. Honestly its solid and creativity all over the place. There isn't a bad clip of the bunch.

This came out perfect travis. Thank you so much for editing this video. You fukin brought your theater work to another level man. Loved the colours and the chill song. I will add more thoughts later. And thanks to you guys for all the positive reactions. I maybe surprised some of you with this type of gameplay but that is how wanted it to be.


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Good stuff man,love the originality. Good thing that there's at least one german with a really good montage out there now :D . Also I really dig the opening scene with the drone perspective, looks very much where I live. fields, a creek and a small village. 
The first song also had some kind of nostalgia vibe to it which fit pretty good in there after reading Deany's Paragraph before watching the video I also though about my starts with the Montage commmunity all that :')

I'm in love with this video. I love the soothing style of the edit. The gameplay is just sooo good, I love the variety in the clips. Really well done, I have watched it 5+ times allready. Really curious to see Hams tage now. Excited yo 

The intro with the drone was hot shit and that first kill was even hotter shit. The gameplay was sick. It had a lot of style. The editing was top too although I think the color correction and shiz was very cool and well done I feel that it disrupted the flow and didn't match the music or gameplay. Everything else: great.