Hustla :: Eleventh Hour :: [THF Comp Entry]

welp, here it is. my first ever THF Competition entry! definitely could've been better but overall very happy with the way this turned out considering I edited it in like a day. huge thanks to everyone whose given me support and watched any of my videos. you guys are the best and I couldn't have done it without ya. hope you guys enjoy.

Pumped to watch this tonight! <3
Your gameplay is always just absurd, my goodness

the splatters to multi were fucking insane. the headlong stick was awesome too. RRBX trocity is the best FFA clip i've seen in a long time, probably the best one from all of MCC tbh. 

Liked the pacing on the edit. I thought this was your best video yet for my personal tastes.

The splatter frenzies were amazing. However, my favourite clips were the quickscope killtac on Lockout ball and the triple on Sanc while looking over R3.

Well look who it is..... My arch nemesis.

Seriously though Kev, that was great. You have gotten a lot better at editing. It feels redundant to say this at this point, but the gameplay was amazing as usual. I actually yelled out loud at that stick -> rrbx FFA trocity around 3 minutes in. All I can say is that I hope somewhere on your computer is a "best of" folder, and that you're going to have some ridiculous editor make the best montage ever for you. Oh and thanks for the shout out, I honestly didn't expect it.

Seeing all you Lost In Time guys still putting out videos makes me smile. Makes me proud to say that I was there for at least some of the fun. Keep them coming, I'm sure I'll make a random appearence at some point.

That RRBX trocity though, dirty.

Lol at the sign flashing with the music at :41. Everything from 2:24 - 3:32 was my favorite clips. Dirty angle Sanc trip, the pillar hump on zibby, rrbx troc. All sick clips. Your gameplay is always some of my favorite to watch if not the favorite. Always entertaining, always clean clips. Thanks for the shoutout.


Your editing skills have improved so much it's insane. And obviously your clips are just the point where it ruins other people's videos. But seriously awesome job Kev. 

Easily my favorite video you've ever done.

Gameplay was amazing as I expected and the edit was quite nice.

Great vieo man!

thanks for all the feedback, guys! really brings a smile to my face.
The gameplay was excellent--some really amazing stuff. In my opinion though, I would've submitted Dystopia for the comp.
Kinda bummed you didn't get rekt at all in this. But seriously, incredible gameplay dude. Well done.
Loved the gameplay specifically but the editing was pretty nice too. Am at work and cannot really review but plan on getting to it again during the actual heats, etc. Great job, dude.
Some ridiculous clips.

Highly disappointed in the lack of Lil Peep.  So why is the video titled "11th Hour"?  The falling quick scope on Hyena at 1:19 was really stronk.  I liked the rocket double kill through the wall on Foundation.   Yo that sword spawn kill on Tom at 2:19 was flippin nuts Kev.  Nice cleanup kill on me on your way to getting the nasty tac on Zibby.    The music is a very nice choice, I wouldn't expect anything less from you Kev.  

Ok the ffa trocity at around 3:15 was my favorite clip.  I do respect the fact that you continue to edit your own content.  It's a lot of work to get clips and then use them to make your own video on a consistent basis.  The Lockout Jaro on Stormy was also hella noice.  And that last clip was God-like dude.

Damn Kevin, no shoutout at the end?  That's fucked up.


Awesome gameplay and great edit. Really enjoyed this one.