Phantoms:: GP by Tarzan & Chico (H3): Edited by GC (Contest Entry)

Hey guys it's been a while but I'm proud to present Tarzan and Chico's dualtage. The gameplay in this is really gross and was an absolute pleasure to edit. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. I tried out some more out of the way editing compared to my usual stuff to really let the gameplay breathe so I hope that choice works out. After sprinting for all of August I'm happy to release this video, hope you enjoy.

Download Link!fIAwWJpK!S06KC7PjWoPx5Vew1vJZumPr-FjY23rKI73KfqUmQlI

Hey Ken, thank you soo much for editing this for us. We had some of the gameplay lying around since 2009 or so, but never got to release it due to not finding someone fitting for the project. Really glad we came across you just a while back, you did an amazing job in editing this and even got to finish it before the comp deadline.
Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!


Cannot wait to watch this when I get home. You're one of my favorite editors.
Awesome video as usual Ken!! Absolutely loved it. The point of view pin warp was on point!

This was a big departure from your previous style, and I really enjoyed it. Having the editing be more chilled out really let the focus of the video be on the pacing and tone. I think you did a great job controlling that throughout too. 

I really enjoyed the small effects you added  as well. Everything was very clean and well utilized. 

The gameplay was super super cool too. There was easily some of the most variety of anything I've seen in years, and some of the MLG clips were really sick too. I thought the sticks especially were really insane. 

Excellent vid.  Loved the mix of sick MLG multikills and sticks (the hammer launch stick on Construct was awesome, loved that).   Great work all
Wasn't always a fan of your previous edits but really enjoyed this one, especially the last song. You had a lot of neat effects as well, the POV pin warp looked awesome and I loved the credits as well. Well done GC. Gameplay was fantastic, lots of awesome sticks and good MLG gameplay as well. The 180 noscope exterm on Construct King was amazing. 

Ahhh that second song was so good.

Amazing video guys! Gameplay was top notch all the way through.

Always so nice to watch your videos, they are so clean yet so interesting!

So many dirty clips in this and a nice mixture, too. Still so confused about that 2 for 1 exterm on Narrows. Edit was really fresh, couldn't have done a better job with that song selection. Gorgeous video all around.

Gameplay and soundtrack were right up my alley personally. I love h3 gameplay with variety, and this was full of it since it was from 2009 (which helps no doubt lol). But all of it was so sick; wasn't a clip i didn't like.

I loved loved luuuuuuuved the Eden track. I've been wanting to see someone edit to that if it wasn't gonna be myself. This wasn't my favorite work from you GC as far as technical editing goes, but I still thought it was really good.

But that intro was so great. God it was so beautiful to me. I'm not sure if it was technically the best one in the comp really, but definitely my favorite anyway. The pin warp was awesome. Pretty much all of your effects stuck out, which is one thing I've always loved about your editing in every single one you've done. Overall, this was just a fantastic entry i thought.

loved it ken :) hope you're doing well brother

Intro was really cool. Wasn't a fan of the songs until they picked up near the end. Felt like a drag to get through, but maybe thats just the mood I'm in right now. Gameplay was obviously really sick with lots of variety. 

I'll give this another watch when voting occurs because it should have been something I liked a ton but I just wasn't feeling it.

Tarzan you did it!!!!!!!! Sick gameplay you guys and all around great tage.
This is some really good social gameplay.  I don't know a better way to say this, but it feels like I'm watching a montage for kids.  The Guardian jaro at around 6:18 was my favorite clip.  Dude that spike grenade toss at 6:52 was epic AF.  I liked the ending sequence a lot.   I wish I had more to say at this point, it'll probably come to me later after I watch it a few more times.  Nice entry boys, thanks for entering into the montage contest.  
social gameplay?

Like the Team Snipers and Team Slayer stuff.  I noticed a few MLG clips in there as well.

Re watched this. Still didn't like the first song but the second song was straight fire. So many cool and unique clips and the build up with the song was epic.
that was dope
watching all the vids in my bracket rn. good stuff guys. overall its a nice vid. but that jaro on guardian with all the sticks was disgusting.