Tori Reid x RAIN x THF Comp entry

Hey Community.... 

After a long long time, i finished my Contest Final Montage... 

I hope u enjoy this Video, it was hard to edit this one, cause it was the most important Video for me i ever made.

So im f***ing happy with it, and im very happy to be a part of this Contest.

Whould be nice you guys give me some feedbacks.


Thank you !

Songs: Alt J - Hunger of The Pine / We belong - Odesza Remix / Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars / Helios - South Tree

Downloadlink :!9c1mWR4K!hho-cUlIEIgHxmeuat1N2oh5JAzQobH_814aWMt_8Jc


Hey thanks for entering into the montage contest.  The intro was...different.  Not sure how I feel about it.  That mutli Jaro on Relic was pretty nasty.   LOL at the "Dude U R sick" screenshot.   I really don't have anything else to say about this video, maybe I'll come back to it later.  

At 4:34 Hyena get fuqd. Really enjoyed the montage. It was fun. The edining was pretty well done too. Hot stuff you sexy porn star you.
pickup snipe triple at 1:12ish was sweet, also nice to see some good variety of map and playlist, also of clip type. edit was pretty minimal but I think you just wanted to focus on the clips which worked out ok. nice tage!