"They Shoot Back" by BiGBaLL3s

To preface, this vids message is not to bash "nubtages" , but to encourage more arena/competitive gameplay in more videos.

So, long time no see! Ill start this by saying... i didn't think this was gonna come out. My computer started running like crap. Sunshine edited a bit for me and just became M.I.A. My boy parfrey thought he had time to edit a dual with us, but didn't. So with only 3 days left to enter the competition... i decided to troubleshoot my computer and GRIND.
I started this on august 28th. If you don't absolutely love this video, at least give me some props for putting out something solid so quick. As stated in the intro, i couldnt have done this without B SiK and my buddy Infantry11Bang8 helping me reenact scenes from the clips (i didnt have ANYTHING saved in theater). That along with hours of staring at screens and some tips on polishing the vid, i present "They Shoot Back". I hope you enjoy.
P.S. im sick of seeing B-lining players, unaware/oblivious competition, and just not even shooting back in the few halo 5 montages that have come out. With that said, i took the classic BiGBaLL3s approach, and brought you some clips in some sticky situations, during COMPETITIVE matchmaking. ;)


Great job, homie. Some dirty gameplay in there, again I especially like the triple with the beam rifle early on. You already know my thoughts on this, only wish you had more time to edit! 
This forum is poppin!
Eh, H5 isn't very popular here (or in general tbh lol) and the community is already quite small. As a result, H5 vids don't really get much attention.
Nice video Ray! I like the focus on competitive/arena style play. The name you chose for this video is great hahaha. The editing and music were on point. Thanks for submitting into the contest.
Gameplay was on point and the editing was smooth! Loved that security camera idea on fathom! Also loved the nasty swipe multis against people actually attacking you lol. On the other side, it's hard to not call this a montage given the sheer amount of separate accounts used (I stopped counting at around 10 halfway in). Either way it's still one of my favorite H5 tages so far since its 90% arena! Great job man!
Yoo loved the idea of this montage! I stopped logging in since I realized I was leaving the same comments about the OP pretty much playing duck hunt lol. The editing was smooth, and there were some lovely uses of theater. That security camera concept on fathom was hot! Gameplay was on point too man, loved the swipe snipe multis against people on your flank actually shooting you! Am only negative was the sheer amount of separate accounts used. I know it's petty but it's always a turn off and certainly takes away from the whole anti nubtage direction you were going for. Either way it's still one of my favorite H5 so far given the playlists! I'd rather see an out BR overkill in Arena than a cross map snipe millionaire against someone completely unaware of your existence  any day lol