StoRmY v2 :: "Gravity" :: edited by Proty [THF Comp Entry]

So, here it very first Halo 2 montage that I'm very proud to release. I saved up clips for a while now since MCC came out and I been really wanting to release a video. Thank you to Proty for taking the time out to edit this video for me.  He's been editing like a maniac these past 3 days and I really appreciate it. So, without further ado here is the montage! Hope you guys enjoy.

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Proty really great job on the edit. I was a much bigger fan of the first song, less so with do you call my name even though it was edited just as well. The core issue with reusing a high profile rock song, especially a Ra song is that there's a fairly straightforward way to approach the song and if it's been used before then it's hard to avoid emulating the syncing and flow of the previous video and i felt that happened in the second song to a certain extent. I thought the angles were pretty fantastic all around. Certainly more well done than the MCC angles in recent videos. I thought it gave this video an extra feel that h2c videos using angles have been lacking. Really great work overall and it seems like on very short notice. 

The custom and thc fours gameplay was nuts. A very large amount of really strong sniper clips on some really solid players. I haven't really seen such consistent sniper clips on MCC on a competitive level. The button glitching likewise was very strong. I really liked the XSV tac in FFA as well as the XSV triple in 4s. A couple really great utility clips as well (primarily the sanc stick tac, really strong play). That being said i guess i overhyped my expectations for this video in terms of double shotting/rrbxing. Playing on a 360 controller(?) imo is a pretty significant advantage (to me) in terms of input and i thought this video was going to bring about the next tier of FFA standards for MCC. This was still absolutely insane gameplay on middy. Only player i can think of who outshines these FFA clips as a whole on MCC is Blazin and those are huge shoes to fill. Overall very insane, definitely in my top 3 in terms of raw gameplay for h2c MCC and it makes me want to get on and get better clips - the best kind of video to watch. 

Great shit all around boys. 

I am writing this half way through..

This editing is amazing and the clips are sick! That killtrocity on Lockout at 3:10 had me jump out of my seat, and all these quadshots are crazy.

 Im about to download it now  and watch the rest when its done for better quality then youtube. Really good job Stormy, and I will edit this post after I finish watching it

This felt like it was straight out of 2008-2010, but with 2015-2016 standards. Sick clips! There was a lot of Middy FFA but your button combos made it all enjoyable to watch. The edit didn't try to be too much, which is sometimes a hard trap to avoid. Loved the last clip especially, but there were several standouts in here. Nice entry!
What Swanky said, I think the reused songs gave me a good nostalgia feel. Still waiting for someone to bust out breaking benjamin lol. Clips were disgusting as well.
That was incredible! Proty props on the editing first off (lold at the connect part with the melee you showed me again) and Stormy I already knew your gameplay was going to be unbelievable and you still blew my mind. They quads, the snipes, everything was on point. Also I as well got (and enjoyed) the nostalgic feel from the song and even the editing in general. Great job you two!
Gameplay was awesome, lots of great clips. Unlike everyone else though, I really disliked the editing and wasn't really a huge fan of the soundtrack either. I don't think the video flowed well, a lot of the angles seemed forced in or poorly placed, and I think syncing could've been better, especially during the Ra song.

thx for all the great comments and feedback guys! this was my first time editing on this kind of music and I'm glad for most of you, it worked out.


What Swanky said, I think the reused songs gave me a good nostalgia feel. Still waiting for someone to bust out breaking benjamin lol. Clips were disgusting as well.

No joke I was about to for Ingenuity at one point, just as a throwback

That was sick! Especially loved the custom 4s/ffa clips. That trocity on beaver wtf? And that triple on lockout to the noscope on k1dmode was nasty. Good job.


Switchfoot and Halo seem to just have this thing together with you US Halo Players - nobody in the UK has heard of Switchfoot, mind you I doubt you would know who the Futureheads are and that's who I'm using in my video lmao.

Loved the gameplay, wasn't a massive fan of the edit.

Entertaining video.

What Swanky said, I think the reused songs gave me a good nostalgia feel. Still waiting for someone to bust out breaking benjamin lol. Clips were disgusting as well.

I have a version of Montage 6.5 with a BB song somewhere. Got muted on YouTube so I didn't release it lol.

Review for this video should be up tomorrow :)

I'm with Fatal on this one--The gameplay was excellent, but with that editing, I couldn't even finish it.  (Ironically), Fatal talks about that absolutely terrible shake in that trailer, and then you go and do the exact same thing?

Stormy just reached G-Spot levels of maple syrup.  For real though, how many people can play H2C and H3 at the level that Stormy can without dropping off in skill at all?  It's pretty fucking difficult to do.

Man it's so satisfying watching gameplay where the kids are shooting back.  The Sanc Frenzy at 1:05 was really clutch.  As was the Middy Frenzy on EpicRack, shoutouts to Surruh.  Proty you most certainly did an amazing job with these angles.  I would go so far as to say that this is the best angle work I've seen in a pure H2C video.  Very impressive work.  Those failed backsmacks at 1:37 look absolutely heartbreaking dude; that would have been such a nice trocity.

This second song sounds very familiar, has anyone else used it in a Halo montage before?  If not, then it's a perfect selection for what ya'll are trying to accomplish here.  Stormy how old are some of these clips?

Lord, I never get tired of cross map sticks on Zanzibar.  And LOL at Reid's live reaction at 4:16; the subsequent Jaro wasn't bad either.  Proty I think your editing compliments this type of gameplay very well.  

The play on Lockout at 5:38 might be my favorite clip in this montage.  I live reaction stream play on Sanc was really authentic as well.  Lots of good/known players in this video.  I think the H1 clip at the end seemed too out of place, I'm not sure if I would have included it.  

Awesome job by you two guys.  Stormy: Top 3 Canadian Halo player of all time.  Thank you guys for entering into the montage contest.


This is alright, but I feel the gameplay from "Blittz Blains" was much better.
i know if feels good getting a no scope tac on such a legend as myself, but ffa snipes storms? jkjk badass vid as expected. alot of the gameplay was really skillful and awesome overall! good stuff!
I'm the first kill in the montage; I love it! It's not a Halo 2 montage without SeaVomit.