Sheney | "Fearless" | Halo 2 Montage

Hello Friends, 

That Money Match slogan is cringe-inducing. Damn dude got me dirty in the first clip, come on dawg. LOL, I can't believe it. The trocity on Lockout was pretty neat, the buildup added a lot to it. Last snipe sequence on Turf was aight. Lol I actually went to an H3 LAN at KillerDrew's house one time in 2009. Nice video Sheney, my only gripe is that it's too short. And that you should've submitted this into the contest. Just want to say that I've seen a major progression in your editing kills since MCC first came out in 2014. The work has definitely gone noticed.
this needs more views, great vid
Don't leave on that note pls.

Sick little vid. Hope it's not your last!

Always a pleasure watching your content. Good shit.