Ben :: Halo 3 Montage 1

God you have nice clips


Great clips, you sync how I pretty much think about syncing which is fucking sick

Wow that was really good. Edit was very clean and some of the clips were super nice. Great job, Ben.
great montage
God I really do love Blackout's THF intro animation.  So clean.  Ben, I know you called this your H3M1 but haven't you made like 100 H3 videos so far?   Like minitages and highlight content?  I like the song choice a lot.  I can't really pick out one clip that I liked over the rest, however many of these clips are really impressive.  Your snipe is monstrous Ben.   The syncing is also beautifully done.   Very sweet montage dude.  

what a bloody good video mate. the music was soothing, and the clips were very good. always love me some team snipes aye